From the front page of the Bevier Appeal
dated - Friday 3 February 1905

Donated by: Sandra Stanton

Family Items

Bertha Bell is sick this week.

Daniel Pillars of Callao is visiting relatives here this week.

John P. Jones, of northeast Bevier is confined to his bed with sickness.

The Black Diamond Slope has resumed operations after a suspension of over two weeks.

Prof. W.R. Baker of Callao, Candidate for County Sup't of Schools was in Bevier Tuesday.

T.D. Morgan of Brookfield, stopped off here yesterday and called on his aunt, Mrs. F.D. Jones and family.

R.S. Thomas, Inspector of Coal Mines, is in Conference with the officials of Miners Union at Moberly this week.

Mrs. Eli Skinner returned to her home in Clarence Wednesday after a visit with her parents H. M. Powell and wife the past week.

Mrs. Jonathan Davis who came here a couple of weeks ago on account of the serious illness of her brother, F.D. Jones, left Saturday for her home at Centerville, Iowa.

Mrs. James Kelso of Wardner, Idaho,.who had been visiting here for a few days with her sister, Mrs. W.S. Thomas and family, left on Thursday of last week to visit with relatives near Callao.

We are equipped to keep boarders and those who want comfortable quarters and first class board will do well to call on us, 3rd door north of Frederick Bros.
Christopher James

George Richards who went to Spring Valley to see his brother who is sick returned last week and brought his niece Miss Elizabeth Richards, who is visiting with her uncle and aunt John E. Richards and wife.

George W. Graham, immigration agent of the Rock Island System, is in our city selling town lots in Marshall, Okla. Mr. Graham is acquainted with a number of our people and comes to us with very good credentials from prominent business men and bankers.

Our friend, A.G. Young, who formerly resided in this city, but who is now living at Cliffside, N.J. sends the Appeal a renewal on subscription for another year. Mr Young has a good and remunerative position with a large firm and is a worthy gentleman meriting all the sucess that can possible come to him.

David Watts called last week and renewed for another year the subscription of his brother-in-law, Noah Powell, of Murray City, Ohio, to whom he has been sending the Appeal for several years. Mr. Powell is well known in Bevier and continues as the years go by to feel a deep interest in the town and its people. We learn that, like at most other sectionsof the country, work in the mines around Murray city has been very dull for a long time.

John Sutliff has been laid up with an attack of Grippe.

Walter Goodson, of Macon was in Bevier on Tuesday.

Mrs. Lewis Lewis (No. 8) has been very ill, but is improving.

Wm. Ward of Brookfield is the guest of Christopher James and wife this week.

John E. Williams is recovering and able to be out some, after a long spell of sickness.

Rev. Thomas Griffiths of Dawn supplied the pulpit of the First Baptist church last Sunday.

W.H. Morgan, who is working at Yates, Mo. came home on Saturday to spend a few days with his family.

Misses Stella and Anna Jones went to Brookfield Friday to visit with their aunt, Mrs. E.E. Brammer and family.

B. Wilson and wife of La Plata, returned home Monday, after a visit here with the latter's sister, Mrs. W. W. Thomas and family.

The following Macon people were Bevier visitors Wednesday, Dr. A.B. Miller, Robt. Jones, Wm. Bryden, Joe. Holvey and Wm. Jackson.

Arthur Sandison returned from Huntsville last Friday. Mr. Sandison intends to remaain with us. See his ad in this issue. He has the very best of references.

Mrs. Isaac Jones, who has been visiting for some time with her daughter Mrs. Alfred James, left for her home in Dawn Tuesday in answer to a telegram saying there was sickness at home.

Walter Simpson, his wife and Mrs. Green Simpson, and Mrs. John Sagaser of Novinger, arrived in Bevier on Tuesday, Green Simpson and Mr. Sagaser followed on Wednesday. They are going to remain in Bevier probably.

Mrs. C. A. Cunningham gave a musicale by her pupils last Friday evening. Each one played a piece or duet after which the program was concluded with songs and speeches, fudge and popcorn, and games in which all toop part. At 10 o'clock they adjourned to meet again on the last Friday in February.

W.E. Jones of Dietz, Wyo; arrived in Bevier on last Friday. He was returning from the Indianapolis Convention, and had but a short stopover. He left on Saturday for Brookfield. He stopped to see his sisters, Mrs. L.B. Walker, and Mrs. Homer Walter. From there he retuned to Dietz, Wyo. He expects to go to the Washinton field in the interest of the U.M.W. of A in a short time.

George Turner left last week for Springfield, Ill.

Mr. A. Simpson did business in Macon Wednesday.

Robert N. Jones is very ill with an attack of sickness.

Jno. Kilholland of Novinger, Mo; was a Bevier visitor Sunday.

Miss Emma Wright of Brookfield, is the guest of friends here this week.

Jacob G. Ruch, of Connelsville, made a business trip here Sunday and visited his parents.

H. D. Goodale, is now arranging his property for sale. If you have anthing to sell have it listed now.

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Simpson Sr. left early for a few days visit with their son John and family of Danforth, Mo.

Hugh E. Jones, who had been sick here for several weeks at the home of his parents, Hugh Jones and wife, returned Tuesday to St. Louis, where he is located. He was feeling much improved in health.

Our friend Steven Pothscary who has been for severy months at Colorado Springs, Colo; under medical treatment, having been sick for a long time, sends a renewal on subscription for the Appeal and also dues for Benton Lodge, Knights of Pythias. He states that he hopes to be able to leave Colorado Springs for his home at Roslyn, Wash. some time about the end of March. He sends kinds words of sympathy with the editor in the latters sickness.

A telegram was received here yesterday morning conveying to the relatives the news of the death of Mr. Thomas Jones at the home of his brother, Isaac T. Jones and wife, of near Dawn, with whom he resided. Uncle Tom, as he was familiarly known, was greatly beloved and esteemed, being a most worthy and noble hearted man, and his death is greatly mourned by all. His sister-in-law, Mrs. Isaac T. Jones, was called home from Bevier this week on account of his serious illness. Deceased was an uncle to Mrs. Esther James and Thomas M. Jones of this city. The latter, accompanied by Alfred James, left yesterday before dawn to attend the funeral.

Jones - Dubree.
Married at Macon City, on Saturday, January 28, 1905, by Squire Holman, D._. Hughes accompaning witness: Mr. James E. Jones, to Mrs. Laura Dubree. The happy pair left on the 2:59 p.m. train, via. Kirksville, for Connelsville, Mo; where the groom paid his first official visit to the new Tribe of I.O.R.M. which was organized by him on the 10th of Jan. 1905. They returned home on Tuesday night Jan. 31, 1905. The Groom is well known and highly respected in Bevier. He is sober and industrious, holds the position of organizer for the I.O.R.M. which he fills with ability. He is also prominent in work, being an active member of the First cong'l church. The Bride is a beutiful and accomplished lady, well known and loved by a large circle of friends. They join their fortunes together and reunite the chords ruthlessly parted asunder. May their union be a happy one and result in a happy home life such as should be and is the desire of every___ and __ to enjoy. The Appeal joins their many friends in the ___ congradulation and best wishes.

Death of Elder Harbord's Mother
Eld. L. H. Harbord was called to Kansas City, Jan. 24th, to see his mother who was very dangerously ill. Taking the first train he arrived only to learn that death had wrought its end. The crape on the door said plainer than audible words could have done: "Mother is dead". Mrs. Harbord fell asleep in Jesus on Jan. 24, 1905, at 7:00 o'clock p.m. She was 56 years, 2 months and 12 days old. She leaves to mourn her departure, a husband and seven children, all of whom are married and have families. The remains were brought to Callao, Mo, where she had lived many years, and interred in the new cemetery. The services were conducted by Elder F. Theo. Mayhew, of Bevier. She had many warm friends in Bevier all of who sympathize with the bereaved family. Mother has gone before us. There is now anothr pair of hands over there Beckoning us home.

Card of Thanks
We desire through the Appeal to express our hearfelt thanks to the friends and neighbors who rendered us such valuable and tender sympathy in our sad trial through the sickness and death of our beloved son, Frankie Reese Lewis. Also to those who gave the beautiful wreaths and boquets of flowers, as sweet tributes to the memory of our loved one. Especially do we thank the Sunday Schoold for their kind rememberance in sending the wreaths, and for their kindness and sympathy, they showed towards us in our sad trial.
May God bless them is the earnest prayer of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Lewis.

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