Macon County Missouri Lookup Volunteers

Macon County Reference Books and Lookup Volunteers

Below are listed some of the Macon County books that are available, although certainly not all. If you own any Macon County books, whether listed or not, and will do look-ups, please let me know. If you know of any other published Macon County resources, please let me know this also. As you can see, volunteers are needed.

Robert A. Penland has offered to lookup information you may need. Due to a busy work schedule, a response from Bob may take as long as 10 days. He has a heavy traveling schedule.

To use this tool, please click your mouse on the name of the "Volunteer" and this will allow you to send Bob an E-MAIL message regarding your information. Please be considerate of Bob and ask him a specific request about one individual using first and last names and include dates if they help.

Questions like:

"What can you tell me about the JONES FAMILY?"

will be promptly deleted.


1. Requesters first and last name.

2. Your mailing address, telephone number, email address.

3. The full name of the person you are researching; names of close family members.

4. When he or she lived, or approximate dates of important events.

5. Where he or she lived: state, county, township, town.

6. Exact information you are looking for: marriage, obituary, cemetery listing, etc.

7. Sources already consulted, with author (successfully?).

8. Be patient and understanding. As more people do internet research, the lookup person may be swamped with requests. Three weeks may seem like a lot of time to you, but the researcher with 25 requests may need that much time or more, to get to your request.

9. Inquire about the cost of copies and postage. Almost nothing is free these days.

10. A thank you is always welcome.

Please make the SUBJECT: MACON COUNTY LOOKUP in the subject line of your request to ensure the message is not overlooked or accidentally deleted. In the first line of the message please put the name of the book in which you are requesting the lookup.

If you requested a lookup, don't forget to say, "I got it and thanks" because volunteers are hard to find. They work for your applause only.

If there is no answer, let me know as I am unaware of your direct communication with the volunteers.

Macon County Books


Lookup Volunteer

Bethel Christian Church Cem.,
Ten Mile Baptist Church Cem. and
Mt. Zion Methodist Church Cem.
near Ten Mile and Redman

Julie Oliver

1875 Land Atlas for Macon Co.
Will look up surname
if township is provided.
Census info provides twp.

Gary Riley

Missouri Marriages 1770 to 1839

Jackie Campbell

1917 Macon High School Yearbook
(1917 OIPI)
1897 Macon Co. Atlas
(if surname and township is provided)
1870 Macon Co. Census

Bill Smith

Please ONLY obituaries from the LaPlata Home Press by Sharon Foutes
Phyllis Mears Several Volumes of Obituaries


The more info given such as full names, dates known etc.,
the better chance I have of finding who you want.
Please include your E-MAIL address.

The Library charges 50 cents
for each copy, plus postage, $1.00 minimum.
If you send me more money than needed,
I will hold it on account until you find another obit. you are interested in.
I have no way to refund anyone 33 cents or even $1.33

To those of you who have sent the La Plata Library a lookup request
in the last year and have not received a reply,
we would like to apologize.
Time constraints and other Library work
no longer allow us the time to do genealogy lookups.
If you wish to purchase the obituaries listed,
we will continue that service as described above.


Cindy Moore
La Plata Public Library
30006 Kodiak Place
La Plata, MO 63549

"Elmer Centennial 1887-1987"
"Elmer Community History 1976"
A brief history of Elmer and its families,
churches, schools and more.
There is no index so I would have
to scan the books for your request.

Peggy Atteberry

Will LOOK UP CENSUS entries for
Macon Co. for the 1880, 1900, 1910, and 1920 census,
if the following information is provided:

1. Given name and surname
2. Name of township, city, town, village or enumeration district number.
Please provide page number if known.
3. Please note that IT MAY TAKE A WEEK OR TWO to complete the request.

Amy E. Batchelder

I have a copy of
"History of Randolph & Macon Counties, Mo 1884"
I will do lookups for anyone who
writes me and puts in the Subject Field,
"History of Randolph & Macon Counties"

I have a copy of the
listing names of those persons alive from 1898 to 1914
and making application to the CHEROKEE NATION
also Eastern Cherokee Membership Roster
I will do lookups free.

I have a copy of the
I will lookup people's ancestors.
If I find some, I'll scan and send the info.
Need to put in the subject line "Request & name of Book".

I have the
St. Louis Marriage 1804-1876 Vol II
(from St Louis Genealogical Society)
Listed in alphabetical order by groom or bride.
Please put
Macon Co. Marriages
in SUBJECT FIELD so I know it is OK to open it.

Donna Percer

I'm available to do lookups in
Elizabeth Prather Ellsberry's
"Cemetery Records of Macon County Volume IV",
published 1963

It covered the following cemeteries:
Mt. Tabor (where my relatives are buried)

Vicki Stinson

I will do what I can to assist researchers of Macon Co.

Bill Lamberson

Can you believe the quantity of volunteers
that are on this page trying to help
with Macon Genealogy?

Want to Volunteer?
Let me know?


Macon County
Books and Resources



Marriage Index 1837-1880
transcribed by Lillie Corbin
and Kathleen Wilham,1984

check my webpage for a list of Macon books I sell.

I am a professional genealogist
with 20 years experience
in North East MO.
Charge $10.00 per hour,
4 hour minium.
Let me know
if you need my services.

Kathleen Wilham
SHELBINA, MO 63468-1562

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