NW of BEVIER 1866

Contributor: Lucinda Eggleston Rohrs

Prairie School, just northwest of Bevier, Missouri, 1886, Mark Huddleson, Teacher.

The photo was given to me by Clella Brammer Colville. Her mother, Minnie Rector Brammer, and my grandmother, Susan Amanda Rector Sagaser, were sisters who lived all of their lives in Macon County.

Here is the amazing part:
Clella will be 104 years old (yes, 104 is correct) on January 23, 2004. She was born January 23, 1900 in Elmer, Missouri. She grew up in Bevier and lived a good part of her life in Macon where she worked as a tailor for Myron Rythers (became Wrights) men's store.

She now lives in Buckner, Missouri, and is still living by herself in her own home.

Amazing! My Grandmother Sagaser, her Rector brothers and sisters, and all of her children--Treva, Mona, F.M., Mary Ethyl (my mother), and Edy went to Prairie School.

Treva, Mona, and Mary Ethyl all were teachers at Prairie School.

F.M. Sagaser's wife, Pansy Zellers Sagaser, taught English at Bevier High School.

Mother, Mary Ethyl, also taught first grade in Bevier.

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