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Under each township map is a list of cemeteries located in that township. Each cemetery has a BOLD number next to it. Use the number to find it on the map.

An explanation of the "Key To Codes" is as follows:

The term "listed" means the tombstone inscriptions have been written down. Individuals have voluntarily researched cemeteries in Macon County, recorded their findings, and hope to preserve this important informaton. These inscriptions can be found in notebooks at the Macon Library.

The term "not listed" means there are no surviving tombstone inscriptions or none were recorded through the years.

When the term "Abandoned or destroyed" is next to a cemetery name, it indicates there was once a cemetery there but there are no tombstones left remaining to be seen.

When a cemetery has the letter "E" beside it and refers to the "Ellsberry books", those tombstone inscriptions can be located in a series of books written by Elizabeth Prather Ellsberry in the early 1960s. The series can be located at the Macon Public Library or in other libraries such as the Historical Society Library of Missouri in Columbia or MidContinent Library in Independence.

The letter "P" beside a cemetery indicates it is located on private farm land and is not advisable to go searching for it without permission from the owner.

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