Wilson - Youngblood

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Book Page Date Married Groom Last Name Groom First Name Groom Middle Name Groom Race Bride Last Name Bride First Name Bride Middle Name Race Note Minister
D 369 3/4/1866 Wilson Alexander J
Byler Eliza

B 32 7/5/1855 Wilson Bird

Will  Elen

B 52 5/15/1856 Wilson C Bird
Wit Mary Ann

Alfred Cooper JP
D 255 3/8/1863 Wilson David

Smith Martha

D 379 8/15/1866 Wilson J H
Enyart Estella

J of Buckhannon Co., Estella of Macon Co.
A 133 1/15/1850 Wilson James H
Lea  Mary

CJ Miles JP
D 228 9/19/1861 Wilson Jesse

Kelso  Rebecca E

D 343 9/21/1865 Wilson John

Lynch Elizabeth

D 398 10/30/1866 Wilson John

Whitehead Rachel Sarrah Ann

A 37 9/30/1841 Wilson Joseph

Carter Elizabeth

William Easley JP
C 41 4/10/1868 Wilson King
Colored Smith Elizabeth
TW Henderson, Minister
D 276 11/19/1863 Wilson Samuel P
Kelso  Mary C

B 32 9/27/1855 Wilson Simon

Cash Lydia

Lemuel King Preacher
D 187 11/27/1859 Wilyars William

Pope  Susan

A 9 8/6/1839 Win? Henry

Ashell Oruella

Nathaniel Floid JP
A 196 1/12/1854 Windle Gabriel

Chapman Nancy

Wm Sears Preacher
A 85 12/14/1845 Windle Harrison

Lovern Jenetta

Wm Ratcliff Preacher
A 94 6/3/1847 Windle Samuel

Lovern Susan

William May Minister 
D 117 8/24/1856 Windle Samuel

Lovern Nancy

A 98 1/23/1847 Windle Temple

McConnel Sary

Wesley Cherry JP
D 305 10/30/1864 Windle William

Perkins Mary E

C 16 12/28/1865 Windson James
Colored Richardson Martha A  Colored Children: Lewis James 16 years, Andrew J 10 years, Charles J 6 years,Ronland GJ 2 years Henry Lyda JP
A 86 2/3/1847 Winkler John

Rogers Mary Ann

CM Lecompte JP
D 363 3/25/1866 Winkler William Morian
Thrift Sarah Francis

D 385 9/15/1866 Winn Charles

Lea  Mary E

D 324 4/20/1865 Winn George W
Herrin Mary

A 157 10/9/1851 Winn James

Rogers Unice J

John Swinney Minister
B 51 5/15/1856 Winn Jas R
Coley Louisa Frances

George Larrick Minister
A 158 1/22/1852 Winn John

Cox Jane

George B Larick Minister
B 45 12/6/1856 s/b 55 Winn John T
Coley Mary A
Filed in 3/1856 G Larrick Minister
C 15 12/28/1865 Winn Robert
Colored Epperson Mary Jane Colored Children: Emly Frances aged 4 years, Amanda Jane age 3 years Henry Lyda JP
D 188 1/12/1860 Winn Scott

Coty Catharine

B 21 3/8/1855 Winn Thomas

Holly Mary Jane

George Larrick
B 39 1/17/1856 Winn William

Waddle Mary A

John Swinney Minister
A 39 12/23/1841 Winters Ezekiel

Neat Nancy

William Easley JP
D 305 10/18/1864 Winters James

Hall Mahala

D 191 10/21/1859 Wirley G W
Stockey Henrietta

D 334 9/14/1865 Wisdon Weldon

Nichols Nancy

D 218 2/24/1861 Wood Hiram

Carnatcy Nancy Jane

D 174 2/6/1859 Wood Landen L
Miller Abagail

D 148 2/28/1858 Wood Robert

Causby Sarah Margaret

C 47 2/28/1870 Wood  Alfred
Colored Holliday Annie
Thomas Clark Minister
A 136 1/1/1850 Wood  David

Manning Louisa

Samuel BF Caldwell Minister
A 95 11/6/1847 Woods Alexander

Cannon Rachel

Alexander from Cooper Co, Rachel from Macon Co. JC Wilson JP
C 15 12/27/1865 Woods Scott
Colored Stile Ann
Thomas Clark Minister
A 29 2/14/1841 Woods Wm

Winkleman Nancy

AJ Hite
D 297 2/13/1864 Wordell Charles

Roberts Emily J

A 166 8/18/1852 Wright Allen

Humphrey Nancy

James Ratliff Minister
C 53 1/1/1874 Wright Amos
Colored Ray Jennie
JS Albright, JP
D 272 10/18/1863 Wright Ceth

Stephenson Ann Mary

A 141 4/27/1850 Wright Derril

Bolton Nancy Jane
Derril of Randolph Co, Nancy of Macon Co. John Ballenger JP
D 162 5/6/1858 Wright Hen?

Trimble Susan

B 44 10/4/1855 Wright Henry

Summers Lucinda Sely

John Buster
D 137 8/11/1857 Wright Hesikiah

Watterfield Elizabeth

A 177 11/25/1852 Wright James

Polsgrove Sarah Ann

John Buster 
B 26 2/1/1855 Wright James

Gates Elender

EH Lawson Minister
D 268 7/2/1863 Wright James N
Spencer Henrietta

D 276 12/24/1863 Wright James M
Buckanan Sally A
James of Randolph Co., Sally of Macon Co.
B 26 2/13/1855 Wright Joe

White  Betsy

EH Lawson Minister
A 20 7/16/1840 Wright John F
Pastin Elizabeth

C 22 2/6/1866 Wright John
Colored Baker Matilda
Colored Children Hardena, Sarah, Emily their heirs S Ballenger, JP
D 263 5/28/1863 Wright Perry W
Sampson Lucy J

D 298 5/24/1864 Wright R A
Watson Rebeka

A 109 8/7/1848 Wright Richard

Green Susan

both of Randolph county Armstead Smoot JP
D 273 12/6/1863 Wright Richard B
Bealmer Elizabeth

D 188 1/8/1860 Wright Sylus

Burch Mary E

A 60 6/17/1845 Wright Thomas

White Amy

Wm S Fox Preacher
D 403 3/7/1867 Wright Thomas C
Herp Deborah

A 93 7/22/1847 Wright Willis P
Mills Cary Ann

Samuel Davidson Minister
A 124 5/23/1849 Write John

Wilson Nancy

David BF Caldwell Minister
A 139 1/17/1850 Write Lafayette

Owen Sarah J

Sterling Coulter JP
A 64 9/23/1845 Yates George

Ervin Eleandor

Abraham Dale JP
C 19 2/20/1866 Yeager James
Colored Nuhole Anna Z Colored Children: Ellen Cary Rufus and Sissie Yeager James Sholer Preacher
D 196 4/11/1860 Yellock Saul

Burnam Elizabeth

B 59 11/11/1855 Youngblood John

Burris Charlotty

James Dysart Minister

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