Stalcup - Thayer

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Book Page Date Married Groom Last Name Groom First Name Groom Middle Name Groom Race Bride Last Name Bride First Name Bride Middle Name Race Note Minister
A 136 1/23/1850 Stalcup David

Gill Mary Jane
both of Shelby County John Harris JP
A 191 9/9/1853 Stalcup William

Byres Eliza

James Gee JP
D 171 12/26/1858 Stanfield George

Smith Nancy

A 135 2/3/1850 Stanfield Samuel, SR

Summers Mary

John Leathers JP
D 367 2/13/1866 Stanfield Thomas

Summers Sarah M

A 111 7/20/1848 Stanfield William

Whiteaker Farah

Samuel Roberts JP
C 48 4/10/1870 Stapleton Henry
Colored Vaughn Mary
Thomas Clark Minister
D 255 3/28/1863 Stean Beny H
Howe  Mollie E
Beny of Saline Co., Mollie of Macon Co.
D 147 11/24/1858 Stedman Ira

Fogerty Mary A

D 308 12/18/1864 Steel John A
Sunderland Febe E

D 309 12/18/1864 Steel John A
Sunderland Febe E

D 115 10/16/1856 Steel William Henry
Graves Charlotte Martha

C 39 2/28/1867 Steid Collens
Colored Crittington Louiza
Wm Warren, Minister
D 129 5/31/1857 Stephens Albert C
Terrel Anda A

A 46 12/21/1843 Stephens George

Tuggle Nancy J 

Benjamin Terrell
D 253 1/1/1863 Stephens Hamilton

Cantwell Jane

A 85 10/3/1846 Stephens John

Reding Sarelda

Wm Ratcliff Preacher
D 252 2/13/1863 Stephens John

Wiles Elizabeth

B 9 5/25/1854 Stephens Wm

Thomas Emily

James Sharp Preacher
D 235 3/20/1862 Stephens  Branton C
Gee Mary E

D 328 5/27/1865 Stephenson John H
Rice Martha J

D 232 3/3/1861 Stephenson Robert

Tuggle Caroline

A 91 2/4/1847 Stephins John K
Richardson Martha

James Dysart Minister
D 158 4/18/1858 Stevens John P
Murry Elizabeth

A 1 8/3/1837 Stewart Joseph

Haddin Mary

Harden Harges  JP
D 287 3/27/1864 Stigall John W
Mountain Elizabeth

John of Randolph Co., Elizabeth of Macon Co.
D 323 5/23/1865 Stiles Simeon

Deskin Ruth R

A 116 1/24/1849 Still Andrew P
Vaughn Mary M

Lorenzo Waugh Minister
A 105 6/20/1848 Still Edward C
Powel Mary J

JW Ellis Minister
D 288 3/7/1864 Still Philip JB
Vaughan Ada

Phillip of Ureka Ill, Ada of St Louis
A 62
Sting John

Caine Dicellta

did not write date but filed on 9/25/1845 Wm Ratliff Minister 
A 66 1/1/1846 Stinson William  A
Shaw Margarett

JH Bean NP
D 234 2/16/1862 Stivers Edward M
Hull Elizabeth

D 312 12/22/1864 Stokes James H
Lea Elizabeth Frances

D 405 10/4/1866 Stokes Samuel

Wright Nancy P

D 403 1/17/1867 Stone Samuel

Grass Rebecca

C 49 8/24/1871 Strander Allen
Colored Henderson Belle
James Hawkins, Minister
D 391 11/18/1866 Stringer Richard G
Harford Francis B

D 155 5/6/1858 Stuenkel C

Hansman Emila

A 30 2/17/1841 Stull Marsin

Stull Polly

PN Haycroft MG
D 176 4/5/1859 Sturlen John C
Chadwick Margaret C

D 311 1/1/1865 Sullivan John

McCommack Martha Ann
Martha minor with consent
D 322 5/9/1865 Sullivan Morgan

McAfee Minerva

A 154 11/9/1851 Sullivan William Garrett
Ballenger Lucy

Stephen Beebe Minister
D 179 5/6/1859 Summers Aron

Powell Rebecca

D 257 3/22/1863 Summers Aron

Mackneal Tabitha

D 279 8/3/1863 Summers Bellville C
Carry Maggie

A 69 3/12/1846 Summers Charles B
Mongomery Lucinda

A Richardson PG
D 223 4/14/1861 Summers F??tis

Green Celia

D 130 6/1857 Summers George C
Wilson Martha

D 153 1/21/1858 Summers George

Mills Cornely Ann

D 203 8/30/1860 Summers Green Bary
Summers Bathinay Martha
D 252 3/3/1843 Summers Greenberry

Buster Mary

A 64 9/11/1845 Summers Isaac

Morrow Rebecca

R H Nichols jP
D 116 12/15/1855 Summers Johnson

Wright Soprona

A 29 4/1/1841 Summers Joseph M
Pattin Martha D

Ancil Richardson
D 373 4/27/1866 Summers Joseph

Green Mary

D 304 10/2/1864 Summers Lewis

Oberby Nancy

A 118 12/17/1848 Summers Martin

Atwell Sarah

witnesses James Green, Jasper Burk Josiah Lawson Minister
D 152 5/13/1858 Summers Ninevah

Lopon Mary

A 45 10/8/1843 Summers Preston

Patton Evillene

RH Nichols JP
A 26 10/20/1840 Summers Richard

Gipson Sabra

John Summers
D 256 3/28/1863 Summers Robert W
Corban Daidama E

D 161 5/27/1858 Summers Sidney S
Green Sarah

D 316 12/22/1864 Summers Sidney G
Gipison Mary

A 107 4/7/1848 Summers Simon

Shoemaker Rebecca

James C Wilson JP
A 83 11/18/1846 Summers Waynire

Buster Amelia Jane

JG Wilson JP
B 15 8/24/1854 Summers William J
Chaffin Elizar Ann

EH Lawson Preacher
D 194 4/17/1860 Summers William J
Banta Catharine A

A 11 10/24/1839 Summers

Shoemaker Melissa

D 146 1/7/1858 Sumpter Edmonson

Blanchit Mary Ann

D 172 1/7/1859 Sumpter Edmoson

Huff Mary

D 353 12/10/1865 Sunderlain John

McGruder Mary E

D 372 5/1/1866 Sunderland James

Linch Phebe P

A 154 12/14/1851 Sunderland John

Heffer Deby

Wm Easley JP
B 46 2/7/1856 Surber Jacob

Dulaices Sophiah

Joseph Oliver Preacher
D 237 4/3/1862 Surber Jacob

Means Mary Jane

A 164 8/26/1852 Surber William

Walker Martha A

John Swinney Minister
A 75 9/29/1842 Sutton Calvin

Bell Catharine

James Dysart Preacher
A 19 3/11/1840 Sutton John

Pain Elizabeth

Hardin Harges
D 299 5/5/1864 Sutton Thomas

Smith Elizabeth

D 395 10/22/1866 Sutton Thomas B
Rogers Loucindo

A 62
Sutton Wesley

Winder Elizabeth

did not write date but filed on 9/25/1845 Wm Ratliff Minister 
A 46 11/23/1843 Sutton William

Herrington Pollyann

Wm Montgomery JP
A 188 10/14/1853 Swackhamer H J
Tuttel Eliza

EH Lawson Minister
D 377 3/1/1866 Swank George W
Mitchell Nancy A

D 313 1/1/1865 Swank Jonathan

Lancy Susan

C 40 5/9/1868 Sweet Edmund
Colored Rider Sallie
Charles Steele, JP
D 211 11/23/1859 Swift George

Gardner Frances

A 134 9/20/1849 Swinney Daniel  J
Byers Emeline J

John Swinney Minister
B 46 1/3/1856 Swinney Henry G
Slow Caroline

John Hardgrove Preacher
D 389 10/17/1866 Swinney Henry G
Davis Cordilia R 

A 114 11/21/1848 Swinney Thomas

Blessing Elizabeth

John G Swinney Minister
D 404 2/21/1867 Talbot A

Noble Susan F

D 263 5/26/1863 Talbot Charles

Atterberry Elizabeth

A 146 1/25/1851 Tale Zachariah

Rowland Burnetta

Joseph W Butler JP
D 166 11/2/1858 Tate Jesse T
Blakeley Sallie A

B 47 3/2/1856 Tate Oscar

Kerby Mary E

Newton Switzer JP
D 235 11/28/1861 Tate William L
Waddle Mary C

D 289 1/7/1864 Tate William F
White Mary J

D 275 11/3/1863 Tate Zacharia

Serber Mary

D 369 2/27/1866 Taylor Benjamin

Thompson Elisabeth

D 145 12/24/1857 Taylor Elijah A
Lucus Elizabeth

A 88 3/22/1847 Taylor Fountain

Smilay Lutcha

B 55 7/13/1856 Taylor James

Sims Elizabeth

James Moody Preacher
C 23 2/20/1866 Taylor John W Colored Watson Mariah
Colored Children Harriet, Peter, Matty &Sarrah and  S Ballenger, JP
C 25 2/6/1866 Taylor Richard
Colored Austin Calim
Colored Children Eater, T Urnest Thomas Clark Minister
A 95 6/10/1847 Taylor Sharp

Logsdon Elizabeth

EGH Milchel JP
C 52 7/17/1873 Taylor William
Colored Powell Narcissa
JW Paine, JP
D 379 8/23/1866 Teeters James K
Brammer Julgau

D 200 4/26/1860 Terrel Galen

Perrier Mary F

D 134 8/5/1857 Terrell A

Snell Irena

A Randolph Co., Irena Macon Co.
C 41 8/22/1868 Terrell Dennis
Colored Martin Ehe
TW Henderson, Minister
C 9 11/5/1865 Terrell Lewis
Colored Terrell Hettie
James Wright Elder
D 333 9/3/1865 Terrill Jackson J
McGee Ami T

A 49 10/22/1840 Terry Henderson

Kitchen Polly

James Dysart JP
D 393 11/18/1866 Teter Ephraim

Baldwin Mary E

D 118 10/23/1856 Teters Cain

Teters Isabella

A 156 11/20/1851 Teters John

Kitchen July J

James Dysart
A 156 8/20/1851 Teters M

Leathers Sarah

James Dysart
D 374 4/5/1866 Thatcher John

Gadry Ellin

D 177 3/15/1859 Thatcher William M
Jackson Martha J

D 255 3/26/1863 Thayer Jacob

Lunch Haner H

D 238 11/2?/1861 Thayer Soloh P
Seeney Catharine

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