Sheton - Stacy

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Book Page Date Married Groom Last Name Groom First Name Groom Middle Name Groom Race Bride Last Name Bride First Name Bride Middle Name Race Note Minister
A 172 2/13/1853 Shelton Anderson N
Alexander Allice M 

James Sharp Minister
D 180 8/11/1859 Shelton Auston

Ratliff Mary

D 332 9/21/1865 Shepherd Thomas F
Trafton Louisa M
Both of Decatur Ill
C 18 12/29/1865 Sherrel Ruben
Colored Hill Ellin
Colored Children Mary Allice, Sarah Cornelia, Boil Rubin, and Ida Bell Thomas Clark Minister
D 381 7/29/1866 Sherron Jas H
White Francis

D 353 11/2/1865 Shirley George A
Barnet Martha J

B 50 4/17/1856 Shoemaker James W
Hale Lucy T

SC Kirby Minister
B 47 12/24/1855 Shoemaker Richard

Stanfield Sarah

JP Roberts Preacher
A 70 3/8/1846 Shoemaker William

Marsh Francis

John Buster Preacher
A 148 3/12/1851 Shoemaker William

Shoemaker Vanessa

EH Lawson Minister
D 207 10/25/1860 Shoemaker William I
White Gracey C

D 307 8/7/1864 Shoemaker William

Shoemaker Prissilla

both of Adair Co.
D 348 10/15/1865 Shores Alfred

Rogers Sarah A

A 49 3/24/1844 Shores Lewis W
Read Manervy

William Easley JP
A 68 3/4/1846 Shortridge George

Maloan Amanda

PM Pinkard Preacher
D 205 9/12/1860 Shortridge Robert L
Miller Eliza J

C 35 5/8/1866 Shositer James A Colored Penny Alsi
L Ballenger JP
C 32 4/10/1866 Shoter ??
Colored Penny Alsa
L Ballenger JP
D 122 2/5/1857 Shouse Rial J
Blancet Saray W

D 356 2/1/1866 Shoush Benjamin

Gee Kate

D 387 9/23/1866 Shoush Bluford A
Ansel Isabella A
Bluford of Macon Co., Isabella of Adair Co.
B 40 11/29/1855 Shoush Henry W
Catterton Cornelia Francis

A 190 11/17/1853 Shoush James

Catterton Mary D

AT Linn Minister
D 198 12/29/1859 Shoush James M
Wheeler Zerilda Jane

D 283 3/3/1864 Shoush William H
Smith Jane

D 212 11/13/1860 Shropshier Thomas Franklin
Buster Emeline

D 161 7/5/1858 Sieval John M
Rogers Caroline

A 170 11/18/1852 Silvers William

Linson Martha

CG Miles JP
D 283 2/23/1864 Simmons John B
Halley Sarah E

D 334 9/6/1865 Simpson Avington

Posey Sally Ann

A 25 11/4/1840 Sims Daniel  C
Powell Elizabeth

F Rowland JP
D 140 10/27/1857 Singleton Joseph W
Kitchen Elizabeth A

B 57 1/29/1852 Singleton Moses

Summers Nancy

James Dysart Minister
B 59 10/31/1854 Singleton Thomas G
Pritchard Mildred

James Dysart Minister
A 165 9/16/1852 Singleton William

Swinney Martha

EH Lawson Minister
A 65 9/28/1845 Six Caverly

Richardson Amanda

Amos Morris JP
A 127 8/16/1849 Six Dillis

Murry Sarah

Robert Ellis Minister
A 6 4/22/1838 Skiner Stephen T
Burton Elizabeth

T Burton
A 109 7/30/1848 Skinner Derling

Smoot Catharine

Armstead Smoot JP
A 72 3/18/1846 Skinner Gideon

Smoot Sarah

Wm M Gowens JP
D 163 8/13/1858 Skinner Sidney

Moot Nancy L 

A 198 2/26/1854 Slightum James

Collins Catharine

N Borrow Justice
A 54 12/15/1844 Slitens James

Thomas Elizabeth

Wm E Moberly JP
A 15 2/28/1840 Sloan Columbus D
Thimpsin Rebecca

Abraham Stile
D 114 9/25/1856 Smartwood Almond

Baily Mary Jane

D 311 2/2/1865 Smerl G  W
Boyce Adaline

D 203 9/20/1860 Smiley J

Reice Martha

A 4 12/24/1837 Smirt Abraham

Bozarth Lucinda

Harden Harges  JP
D 206 8/2/1860 Smith Albert

Davidson Margaret M

D 243 5/2/1862 Smith Alvin

Huston Eliza

D 154 3/18/1858 Smith Ambrose

Amorron Elizabeth

D 158 3/18/1858 Smith Ambrose

Amorron Elizabeth

D 378 6/2/1866 Smith Charles

Baemer Louisa

C 36 7/28/1866 Smith Daniel
Colored Leathers ??
James Johnston, Minister
D 313 3/1/1865 Smith Flavious J
Sims Susan E

D 250 9/12/1862 Smith Frank

Gray Mary

C 8 8/2?/1865 Smith George
Colored Burton Sarah J  Colored
Thomas Clark Minister
C 48 12/30/1870 Smith George
Colored Houston Fanny
Thomas Clark Minister
D 385 12/10/1865 Smith George

Quintan Elizabeth

D 187 10/25/1859 Smith Hamaline

May Rachel

D 273 11/29/1863 Smith Hanson

Martial Rachel

A 42 6/10/1842 Smith Henry K
Richardson Sarah

William Sears Preacher
D 167 11/2/1858 Smith Henry

Pelcher Nancy D
Henry of Randolph Co., Nancy of Macon Co.
D 188 1/29/1860 Smith Henry

Pilcher Jane

A 105 6/1/1848 Smith James C
Richardson Emarine

Robert Ellis Minister
C 15 12/26/1865 Smith James
Colored Brooks Viney
Thomas Clark Minister
A 99 1/17/1848 Smith John D
Thompson Catherine

John W Ellis Preacher
B 25 3/15/1855 Smith John A
Cox Nancy M

JH Bean JP
D 245 9/20/1862 Smith Josiah

Lovit Catharine

D 186 9/25/1859 Smith Nicholas

Reed Dicy Ann

C 36 3/13/1866 Smith Ornstead
Colored Smith Elizabeth
Colored Children Jas P Smith, Henry S Smith, Sindi Smith, Es? Smith Jas R Winn, JP
C 39 3/28/1867 Smith Stephen
Colored Goggins Rachel
Colored Children William Richard 9, Celia Elizabeth 7, Luna Bell 5, Sarah Ellen 3, Henry Thomas 1 Thomas Smith JP
D 169 1/4/1859 Smith Thomas

Rathbone Martha

D 169 10/25/1858 Smith Thomas CP
McNeely Mary Ann

D 207 10/23/1860 Smith Thomas

Ellis Sarah Ann

A 181 3/30/1853 Smith William

Richey Lucinda

John Lamb JP
C 2 7/18/1865 Smith William
Colored Fullerton Martha Jane Colored
CA Bateman Minister
D 243 5/6/1862 Smith William H
Greer Mary

D 378 7/25/1866 Smith William I
Abney Mary

D 217 2/28/1861 Smith Wm H
Walker Louiza H

C 50 11/20/1871 Smith York
Colored Ellis Sarah
F Ames, JP
A 83 11/8/1846 Smoot Armistead

Skinner Catharine

JH Mitchel JP
A 6 4/19/1838 Smoot John

Griffin Catharine

William Sears 
A 98 8/19/1847 Smoot Thomas

Morrow Mary

A Smoot JP
A 137 1/13/1850 Smoot Warren

Skinner Mary

John Ballenger JP
A 104 2/8/1848 Snead Harry J 
Andrews Elizabeth

E J H Mitchel JP
A 96 11/30/1847 Sneed Andrew J 
Johnston Elizabeth

John Buster Preacher
A 36 3/10/1842 Sneid Hesikiah

Wilson Polly  Ann

I Murrow JP
B 52 3/20/1856 Snell Hugh M
Nickel M Elizabeth

Valentine Cuppo Minister
C 38 2/24/1867 Snelt Erza
Colored Collins Amanda
Charles Steele, JP
D 205 6/6/1860 Snider Daniel W
Totten Causley J

D 201 7/24/1860 Snodgrass Benjamin

Cook Sarah A

D 366 3/7/1866 Snodgrass John J
Thompson Marry J

A 59 5/29/1845 Snodgrass Joseph R
Lewis Susan

James Clark JP
D 372 6/6/1866 Snyder B F
Carney Mary E
B of Knox Co., Mary of Macon Co.
B 42 2/14/1856 Souther Jesse

Souther Jane

Alfred Cooper JP
B 48 3/18/1856 Souther John S
Ealim Elizar Ann

Alfred Cooper JP
A 170 9/16/1852 Sparks William

Roberts Jemima

Albert Epperson JP
D 289 2/9/1864 Sparrow Horace M
Moody Ann E

A 156 11/20/1851 Sparrow John

Lunsford Lucinda

James Dysart
B 24 1/4/1855 Sparrow John

Edwards Rachel

ES Gipson JP
A 200 1/23/1854 Sparrow Joseph

Summers Nancy

John Leathers JP
A 200 12/29/1853 Sparrow William

Yellock Mary

John Leathers JP
D 130 7/5/1857 Speak John G
Landrum Nancy D

A 63 7/1/1845 Speaks Benjamin

Wallers Permilia

D 123 2/1/1857 Spears Christain

Louis Nancy

A 191 11/3/1853 Spears James

Broyles Margarit A

Nimrod Lynch JP
B 38 9/16/1855 Speck John G
Fifer Mary A

John Swinney Minister
D 308 8/28/1864 Spelman Fritz

Gwenner Margaret

D 195 2/23/1860 Spencer Joseph M
Collins Sarah Ann

D 227 10/7/1861 Spencer William W
Williamson Minerva

D 166 9/26/1858 Sperry Rodolph

Brackin Sarah A

D 379 7/22/1866 Spicer Francis N
Jones Mary E

D 389 10/1/1866 Spicer Geo W
Palmer Sarah

D 281 2/11/1864 Spicer O L
Mott Elizabeth

D 299 4/19/1864 Spicer Robert S
Dowlin Harriet

B 36 10/11/1855 Spires Wm G
Maryfield Jemima

N Switzer JP
D 167 9/23/1858 Spreag George

Briant Lucinda

A 147 1/9/1851 Stacy Charles

Ballenger Catherine

Joseph P Roberts Minister
B 1 3/9/1854 Stacy James C
Garrett Permelia

A Tobin Minister
D 347 12/5/1865 Stacy James L
Courtney Luzzie M

A 186 9/29/1853 Stacy James, JR

Garrett Louisa D 

James E Sharp Minister
A 163 4/8/1852 Stacy Joshua

Corbin Emilia W

John Ballenger JP
A 97 12/17/1847 Stacy Perry M
Powel Elizabeth M

John Buster Preacher

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