Phillips - Ridgeway

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Book Page Date Married Groom Last Name Groom First Name Groom Middle Name Groom Race Bride Last Name Bride First Name Bride Middle Name Race Note Minister
D 221 2/19/1861 Philips Jeremiah

Richardson Rebecca

A 96 10/9/1847 Phillips James

Hull Nancy Jane

Martin H Abbot JP
D 257 4/2/1859 Phillips Jeremiah W
Patton Marietta H

D 237 4/17/1862 Phillips Joseph

Roberts  Doras

D 131 7/14/1857 Phillips Wm

Gunter Sarah

D 288 12/18/186? Phipp Joshua

Shoemaker Rebeckah

Written 1864 but recorded 3/19/1864
D 124 12/25/1856 Phipps Christon

Shoemaker Ann

D 396 10/14/1866 Phipps Henry

Allen Lucy A

D 379 7/12/1866 Phipps Isaac B
Lansford Nancy A
D 168 11/28/1858 Phipps William

Roperts Jane

D 209 1/6/1861 Picher Reuben

Cox Margaret

D 389 11/24/1866 Pierson Thomas

Simmons Ann

B 49 3/19/1856 Pilchem Charles

Vandigno Martha Jane

James Sears JP
C 29 2/25/1866 Piles John
Colored Hubbard Ann M Colored
John Johnston, Minister
D 397 11/1/1866 Pillows Thomas B
Dameron Mary E

D 243 7/24/1862 Piny S F
Green Nancy Ellen

B 29 7/20/1855 Pitsford John P

Wilson Elizabeth

John of Linn Co, Elizabeth of Macon Samuel King Minister
C 41 6/25/1868 Pitts Taylor
Colored Bohamian Susan
Thomas Clark Minister
D 294 10/22/1863 Plemons John

Atterberry Susanah Prudence

B 8 7/4/1854 Poage Thomas G
Belcher Sophiah

CG Miles JP
D 252 12/7/1862 Poalston Harry

Connor Mary E

A 100 1/13/1847 Poats William

Helton Alvira

Wm Sears Preacher
A 160 4/27/1852 Poillon William

Smith Mary Ann

Nicholas A Langston Minister
B 6 5/28/1854 Polston Harrison

Holley Mary P

EH Lawson Minister
D 271 10/15/1863 Polston John E
Polston Lucy A
Mrs. John of Randolph Co., Lucy of Macon Co.
C 17 12/28/1865 Pool John
Colored Rupell Catherine
Colored Children: Mary Catherine 9 years, Alice Rupel 5 years, Georgia Ann 3 years Henry Lyda JP
C 39 3/15/1867 Pool John
Colored Still Sealy
Colored Children Emily, Millard, William, Ansha, and Milok and William Wipudi Thomas Clark Minister
D 284 3/9/1864 Pool Samuel J
Ellis Arrela A

D 356 12/29/1865 Pool Thomas

Lowry Lon

B 5 4/13/1854 Pool William

Lumford Sarah

D 403 2/28/1867 Pope James W
Lee Nancy H

D 265 7/26/1863 Popejoy William

Adams Isabella

C 10 11/8/1865 Porter John
Colored Morris Sarah
Colored Children: Nancy Jane, James Thomas, and John JB Johnston Minister
D 151 4/12/1858 Poru Silvester

James Amanda

D 400 12/6/1866 Posey S  A   Hill Mary

D 314 2/12/1865 Post James H
Evans Susan

James of 2nd Mo Artillery, Susan of Macon Co. minor with consent of mother
D 256 3/29/1863 Posten Manly

Maxey Ann

A 10 8/5/1839 Postin Morten

Litteral Polly

Robert Miller JP
D 193 12/24/1859 Potes William S
Helton Sarah

A 72 4/9/1846 Powel John P
Devalt Adaline

P M Pinkard Preacher
A 188 10/15/1853 Powel John A
Hickbottom Margret

EH Lawson Minister
D 219 1/6/1861 Powel Linzy C
Goodridge Sarah M

A 49 12/30/1843 Powel Wm

Baning Nancy

James Dysart JP
B 59 11/11/1855 Powell Henry

Mathis Stelia

James Dysart Minister
D 336 9/10/1865 Powell Je?
Colored Gorham Caroline
Colored Transferred to book for colored persons
B 53 3/13/1856 Powell John P
Johnston Virginia

JE Sharp Minister
D 341 9/19/1865 Powell Ransom

Lamasters Mary

Ransom of Iowa, Mary of Macon Co.
D 342 11/9/1865 Powell William R
Ayres Mary E

C 7 9/10/1865 Powell Wm Jeff Colored Gorham Caroline
Thomas Clark Minister
D 315 2/26/1865 Powers Francis Marion
Miles Sarah Margaret

A 74 8/22/1844 Powers Joseph Allen
Teater Mahala

James Dysart Preacher
D 352 2/1/1866 Pri? Francis N
Allen Roda Ann

D 267 8/9/1863 Prickett A F
McMames Mary

C 27 2/20/1866 Proctor Abram
Colored Children George Stephens, Susan, John, Clary Thomas Clark Minister
C 54 6/7/1874 Proctor George
Colored Jones Elizabeth
F Ames, JP
A 175 4/7/1853 Proctor William

Baird Mary

JB Allen Minister
D 148 2/27/1858 Proctor William

Waterfield Lucy

D 320 2/18/1865 Proper Lyman

Burton Demaries

D 160 7/10/1858 Prosser Wm

Mendinghall Isabella G

D 364 2/22/1866 Pugh Thomas

Mikel Villna

D 198 3/8/1860 Puliam Henry A
Crain Nancy

D 328 7/13/1865 Putnam Benjamin B
Carter Mary L

B 41 12/24/1855 Quick Aaron

McPherson Elizabeth V
Aaron of Linn Co, Elizabeth of Macon Minister
A 129 10/11/1849 Rambo Jackson

Mote Mahala Jane

JK Hawkins Minister
D 189 12/18/1859 Ramsey James R
White Milly Jane

D 351 1/25/1865 Ramsey James R
Tuttle Mary

D 323 2/19/1865 Range Isaac Albert
Canatsey Mary

C 36 6/24/1866 Rankin Thornton
Colored Schooling Harriett
Colored Children Margaret Elisabeth 15, Charles Thomas 1?, Sarah Frances 8 TW Henderson, Minister
D 316 12/7/1864 Rasson C J
Glendener Mary

A 110 5/25/1848 Ratcliff Stephen

Sears Sarah

Wm Ratcliff Preacher
A 194 7/17/1853 Ratliff Calvin

Elum Martha

Wm Sears Preacher
D 181 9/11/1859 Ratliff Samuel

Swink Mary

D 178 7/4/1858 Ratliff Stephen

Smith Mary

D 134 7/16/1857 Ratliff Thomas

Lindley Mary

A 19 6/11/1840 Ray Alfred

Stokely Elizabeth

C 4 10/1/1865 Ray Wilay
Colored Smith Elsia Frances Colored Children Mariah Jane, Mary Ellen, Alexander & Robert JB Johnson Minister
D 376 3/15/1866 Ray Zaeareah

Whisman Rebeckah A

D 225 10/3/1861 Rector Alexander

Reed Lucy

D 230 10/28/1861 Redman Elijah T
Shores Yelinda E

D 171 1/18/1859 Redman George W
Harison Elizabeth

A 55 8/29/1844 Reed Andrew

Baity Polly

William Easley JP
A 96 11/30/1847 Reed Elijah

White Francis

John Buster Preacher
A 7 8/2/1838 Reer Columbus

West Sarah

Hardin Harges JP
D 164 9/8/1858 Reister Joseph T
Cave Susan Agnes

D 266 8/2/1863 Reupke Christian

Hiesner Carolina

Christian of St Louis, Carolina of Macon Co.
D 156 3/23/1858 Rewcome James

Boyle Mary

A 96 1/7/1847 Reynolds Isaac

Polin Margarette

Isaac from Randolph, Margarette from Macon Co. Benj. Polson Minister
D 296 2/13/1864 Reynolds William

James Mary Ann
William of Livingston Co., Mary of Macon Co.
D 314 3/18/1865 Reyon Phillip P
Cook Marica T
Phillip of Adair Co., Marica of Macon Co.
D 189 12/27/1859 Rhodes A H
Smith Missouri

D 177 6/18/1859 Rhodes S W
Salyer Cathrine W

D 193 3/19/1860 Rhodes Wm C
Jones Lucretia M

D 262 6/8/1863 Ri? Thomas L
Ruby Fannie C

A 21 8/11/1840 Rice David B
Floyd Elizabeth

Daughter of David Floyd
D 224 9/19/1861 Rice George W
Sneed Martha A

A 84 11/17/1846 Rice Mitchel H
Teeter Rebecca

Walter Tool Preacher
B 5 5/28/1854 Richardson Burrel B
Riley Jane

Wesley Cherry JP
D 381 9/16/1866 Richardson Daniel L
McDaniel Suraly F

D 123 12/27/1856 Richardson David

Barns Sarah

D 385 1/18/1866 Richardson Floyd A
Donnelly Anne

A 143 9/22/1850 Richardson Harva

Kerby Linette G

Wesley Cherry JP
D 295 3/3/1864 Richardson Jackson

Graves Urcela

A 126 4/14/1847 Richardson James V
Griffin Cintty

William Easley JP
A 172 1/12/1853 Richardson Jesse B
Marshall Rebecca

M Richardson Elder
A 152 8/20/1851 Richardson John W
Foster Rachael Mariah

M Richardson
C 17 12/28/1865 Richardson Lewis
Colored Agans Rachel
Colored Children Martha Ann aged 33, Sarah age 34, Rolind 31, Rosa 31, Melinda 24, David 22, Lecretia age 21 Henry Lyda JP
A 83 12/10/1846 Richardson Manoah

Milain Myrinda

Manoah from Chariton Co, Myrinda from Macon Co. Auci Richardson
A 111 7/20/1848 Richardson Pleasant M
Kerby Ara Milard

Martin A Abbot JP
D 287 3/26/1864 Richardson Robin

Chiney Emily

C 17 12/28/1865 Richardson Roland G Colored Winn Christena
Colored Child David Benjamin 5 years Henry Lyda JP
D 244 6/26/1862 Richardson Sampson

Williams Sarah Jane

A 52 8/8/1844 Richardson William A
Sutton Eliza  Jane

RP Davis MG
D 236 4/3/1862 Richardson William

Griffin Barbary Ann

D 354 2/15/1866 Richardson Wm G
Perrin Drucilla F

A 186 10/25/1853 Richason Urban E
Collins Marion W

James E Sharp Minister
D 360 2/1/1865 Richets John F
Bellmesen Lydia A

D 206 9/25/1860 Richmond G G
Smith Paulina C
G of Randolph Co., Paulina of Macon Co.
D 242 10/4/1861 Richmond Jacob

Rowland Melissa C

D 279 12/3/1863 Rickey Samuel

Buchannon Mary N

D 192 1/22/1860 Rico M L
Teter Ellen E

A 143 10/3/1850 Ridgeway John P
Brock Sarah

John of Randolph Co, Sarah of Macon Co Sterlin Coulter JP
A 143 10/3/1850 Ridgeway  John P
Brock Sarah

John of Randolph Co, Sarah of Macon Co Sterling Coulter JP

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