(Some surnames appear more than once in the year)


30 Jan 1879 Death has been busy in our midst during the past week.  First little Bessie 
            Edwards crossed the dark river, then Mrs. Jenks, and then old Mrs. Nagle.
            The child, the middle aged, and the old went almost hand in hand to the 
            unknown shore.

            Obituary - Died after a long continuous suffering, at New Cambria, MO., 
            on the 3rd day of January, AD 1879, Elian Alvin, infant son of E.A. and
            Libbie Fletcher, aged 3 months, 2 days.

06 Feb 1879 Died and was buried Sunday, Mrs. Williams, mother-in-law of J.J.Davis.

            The little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dave Lemon was buried yesterday.

13 Feb 1879 Layton Homes, colored, a man known to our citizens, died of consumption
            Tuesday night after a long illness.

26 Feb 1879 Capt. Pollion, postmaster of Shelbina, and well known to many citizens of 
            Macon County, died last week and was buried Saturday.

            Bevier - Sudden Death - Mr. Williams, the butcher, who had been in 
            Macon City this Wednesday morning, returned on the coal train, walked up 
            To Hefron's Saloon, sat down, and fell on his face and died almost instan-
            taneously.  He was carried home and will be buried tomorrow

27 Feb 1879 In Memoriam - Willie, the infant son of Fred Oakly and wife departed this 
            life last Saturday.  Funeral at the Episcopal Church on Sunday.

            Fatal accident - Thomas Hill, who has been a resident of Macon for a 
            number of years met with a very painful accident last Monday that resulted
            in his death in a few hours.  He was at work at the livery stable on Bourke         
            Street and at the time was engaged with other men shingling the roof.  He 
            fell off the roof some 30 feet onto a fence, and then onto the frozen ground.
            At 3 A.M. he was relieved by death (full story in text).  Buried Tuesday 
            p.m. at 3 o'clock.

03 Apr 1879 Our neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. T.H. Walker have had the sad misfortune to 
            lose their little babe, a very promising boy.

            Still another - in the midst of life we are in death, this time it takes
            one of our choicest young men, Joseph Evans, son of our fellow citizen, 
            best known by the title of Taylor Evans.  Jo was about 25 years old.  He 
            was counted one of the best school teachers in the County.  His funeral
            was yesterday.

10 Apr 1879 In Memoriam - We regret to announce the death of James E. Still, son of 
            Dr.E.C. Still, last Monday morning.  He had been a sufferer for a long time
            with the fell disease consumption, and death to him was a release from 
            suffering.  He was 22 years of age, and had worked for several years as a 
            compositor in the various printing offices in town.  The funeral services 
            were conducted by Rev. B.T. Stauber, Tuesday at the residence of his father
            and the remains were taken yesterday to the old home farm north of Bloom-
            ington for interment.

            Death of Mrs. Minnie M. Malone, wife of R.S. Malone, suddenly, yesterday
            morning.  She had been quite ill for several weeks.  Peritonitis.  (Story in 

17 Apr 1879 A sad accident occurred at Bevier Sunday afternoon that brought great 
            sorrow to the family of Thomas Thomas.  His boy, Richard Thomas, a 
            bright lad of 12 years of age was near the Depot about 4 O'clock in the after
            -noon when two hand cars from the direction of Macon came rushing into
            town at a rapid rate.  The boy attempted to jump on the front car, but failed,
            and fell upon the tracks.  The rear car, which was  about 20 feet behind ran 
            over him and dislocated his neck, producing death almost instantaneously.
            He was buried Tuesday afternoon.

            Died on the 5th day of April, 1879, Isabella Thompson, wife of John J. 
            Thompson, aged 38 years and 7 months.  They were married in the fall of 
            1870.  (Long eulogy by Thomas Wolcott)

24 Apr 1879 We regret to learn that the mother of Mrs. W.P. Beach is dead.  Mrs. Beach
            received notice of her mother's illness last week and was obligated to 
            leave her work here in the schools, and like a dutiful daughter, she was 
            with her mother at her decease.

            Bevier - Our town was thrown into grief on Wednesday last on receiving a
            telegram from Leadville, Colorado announcing the death of Ebenezer O. 
            Richards of New Cambria.  He had worked long at Bevier, and all who 
            knew him, loved him.

15 May 1879 Mrs.Carrie Hanchett, of San Francisco, is visiting her brother, Mr. S.G. 
            Brock, for a few weeks.

            We regret to learn of the death of Mr. Brown, father of Sidney Brown, and
            of Mrs. Dr. Wilson, both formerly of Macon.  He was residing in St Joseph
            and died Sunday evening.  We have not learned of the particulars of his 
            sickness and demise.

29 May 1879 Murder - Just as we go to press we learn that a man has been murdered at 
            Bevier yesterday.  We have not been able to get full particulars, but the 
            following is believed to be in the main, correct.  Some years ago one
            Harris bought a piece of land from a Mrs. Morgan, paying part of the pur-
            chase money down and giving a deed of trust for the balance.  The balance
            was not paid, and the deed of trust was foreclosed, and the land sold 
            Tuesday of this week.  Yesterday, Tom Morgan, a son of Mrs. Morgan, the 
            owner of the trust deed - with another man went to the forest to get a 
            load of wood.  On their way home they met Harris, who, without a word 
            being said, leveled his shot gun and shot young Morgan, who died 
            instantly. Harris fled and has not been captured, although Capt. Davis
            was on his track within a few hours of the tragedy.

05 Jun 1879 The Grand Jury indicted Harris for murder in the first degree for the 
            killing of young Morgan.

            We regret to learn of the death of Wm. Smith (col.) this morning,  He has
            been ill for some time and death was a relief to his suffering.  He was a
            prominent member of the colored Masonic Fraternity, and will be buried
            by the Order some time tomorrow.

            Last Monday a shocking murder was committed by parties as yet unknown
            in Linn County, just west of the line of Macon County and a little north of                    
            Buklin.  The facts as reported to us are as follows:  Last Monday morning
            Stephen Calhoun, age 65 years and his son, Wm. Calhoun, aged 30, both 
            residents of this county, left their homes early Monday morning in a two 
            horse wagon to go to Linneus, to testify before the Grand Jury.  About nine
            o'clock the team came to the house of a Mr. Brown, and stopped.  This 
            aroused the attention of Mr. B. and family, who examined the wagon and 
            found both the Calhoun's lying in the bottom of the wagon dead.  Both had 
            been riddled with buckshot and death must have been instantaneous.  Some
            of the neighbors report having heard three shots fired a short distance east 
            of Mr. Brown's house, and there is no doubt but that these were the shots 
            fatal to the Calhoun's.  An examination of the ground awakened the sus-
            picion that the assassins had laid all night in the brush awaiting their vic-
            tims.  There were evidences of horses being hitched for several hours.  
            Thus far the guilty parties have escaped arrest although there are strong 
            suspicions of their identity.  It was one of the most brutal and cowardly 
            affairs that ever transpired in this county, and it is to be hoped that 
            the guilty parties may be discovered and brought to speedy punishment.

19 Jun 1879 Bevier - Fatal Accident - Mr. Thomas Baxter, one of the most careful 
            miners on the track, met with his death in a very singular manner.  On 
            Thursday at one o'clock he was descending into the air shaft in a tub, 
            which stuck to the side.  He is supposed to have let go of his hold of the
            rope to guide the tub which got unhooked, precipitating him to the bottom
            about 30 feet.  He was brought home.  Dr. Jackson and his assistant, Mr.
            Thomas Watson attended him, but in spite of all human efforts he died at 2
            O'clock the next morning.  He was buried at our Cemetery the next day.
            Elder Wilson, of Callao, and the Rev. Mr. Talbot Rector of Macon officiat-
            ed at the funeral.  All are of one mind, that one of the quietest, most 
            peaceful citizens of our place has left us.  He was pit boss at No. 1 mine
            for years under the old Central Company.  To the bereaved widow and her 
            two sons we extend our heartfelt sympathy.

            We are sorry we failed to chronicle the death of Mr. J.J. Evans; he had been
            sick for a very long time.  He came here from Ohio, had a very large family
            but death entered and took away two children, and last of all the husband 
            and father.  Every one who knew him respected him, and all did their best 
            to aid him in his sad trials, but he wasted away and died while Mr. Hughes
            was preaching at the church near his house.  From words like this:  "Better 
            is the day of death than the day of birth".  He was buried the following 
            Tuesday, a very large concourse of people attending, Mr. Pierce and Mr. 
            Hughes officiating.

26 Jun 1879 Miss Mollie Brown, formerly of Macon County, who was indicted in Linn
            County for the murder of her infant child has been acquitted.

            Obituary - Mrs. Sarah A. Huet was the daughter of Mary and Garnet 
            Ingersol.  She was born in Calhoun County, Illinois July16, 1840, where her
            parents lived until 1846 when they moved to Jo Davies County, Illinois.  
            On May 7, 1867 she was married to A.R. Huet and moved to Laffayette
            County, Wisconsin, where they lived until September 1868 when they 
            moved to Macon Co., Missouri where she lived with her bereaved husband 
            and children until June 18, 1879 when God called her.  The funeral was
            preached by Rev. H.T. Robbins, of Clarence, on the 19th at Mt Zion Church,
            the first sermon preached in this new church, and the first grave made in
            the new burying ground.  (Eulogy in text).

03 Jul 1879 Died June 30, 1879, Annie J., infant daughter of L.C. and Annie J. Stephens
            The funeral took place Tuesday p.m.

10 Jul 1879 Samson Stops departed this life in Glasgow, Missouri Saturday night, June 
            28, 1879 in the 62nd year of his age.  Deceased was an old resident of 
            Glasgow, having resided there 30 years.  He was the father of Mrs. F.M. 
            Taylor of Macon.

17 Jul 1879 Died in her 84th year, Mrs. Z. James, widow of the late Rev. Z. James, and
            mother of Mrs. H. Evans.  She was buried Tuesday afternoon.

            Sickness prevails to an enormous degree.  Dr. Scrogins had 19 calls 
            Saturday.  Dr. Fredrich is off all the time.

24 Jul 1879 The 16 month child of Mr. Baumann, brother-in-law of Mr. Lubeke and 
            who lives in Shelby County was drown in a tub of water that stood near the
            house last Saturday.

            We regret to learn of the death of John Cassidy, a miner in Mr. Wardell's 
            Mine at Bevier, Tuesday.  He was killed by a portion of the roof falling 
            on him.  He was buried yesterday in the cemetery at Macon.  He leaves a 
            wife and two children.

30 Jul 1879 We regret to learn of the death of Mrs. Charles Weakly.  She had been ill 
            for a long time.  Saturday her tired worn spirit took flight.  Her funeral
            took place Sunday last.

07 Aug 1879 I.O.O.F. Tribute to Miss Effie Dysart (no dates) (Eulogy)

14 Aug 1879 We regret to learn of the death of Mr. Vancleve, father of the Vancleve 
            Bros. of Macon, last Friday.  He was born and raised in Pa. but lived the 
            most of his life in Va. and Mo.  He passed away at the ripe age of 73 years

21 Aug 1879 Died at Glasston on the 6th inst., Mrs. Susan Morgans, wife of David R. 
            Morgans, of congestion of the stomach and bowls.

04 Sep 1879 Mr. Frank Drinkard, who shot Nichols last week, came in and gave himself 
            up.  He was committed to jail to await the action of the Grand Jury.

            Sad Accident - A very painful and fatal accident occurred to the family of 
            Mr. Ferris, who lives about 3 miles north of La Porte, last week.  
            Mr. Ferris had sent his son, Warren Edward, about 13 years of age, with a 
            neighbor to hitch up his team, prefatory to working on the road.  While 
            doing this, one of the horses kicked the boy between the eyes, breaking 
            in the bridge of the nose, crushing the forehead, and crowding out his 
            eyes upon his cheeks. The poor boy lived until the next day and was 
            conscious to the last.

18 Sep 1879 Fatal accident at Bevier.  About 3 o'clock on Tuesday afternoon Watkins 
            Evans, a 14 year old son of J.M. Evans, was killed on the spot by a rock 
            falling on him in the entry at No. 1 Mine.

25 Sep 1879 Murder and Suicide - Our community was much startled last Monday 
            morning by the intelligence of the death of Mrs. Michael Raus, her infant 
            child, and suicide of her husband and father.  It seems that M. Raus, who is 
            a wagon maker, and lives near the Wagon Factory, for sometime has been 
            in ill health and much depressed spirit.  Sunday night, while probably  in an
            insane condition of mind, Raus killed his wife.  The infant child was evi-
            dently smothered by the mother, either before or at the time of her death.  
            The child was nearly a year old and had become very much emaciated and
            Feeble.  Three children are left to the cold charities of the world.  (A very
            long article with witnesses in the full text).  Wife and husband shot and
            killed with a pistol.

02 Oct 1879 Death - Mrs. Hunkins, mother of E.J. Hunkins of this City died at the res-
            idence of her son on Monday, September 28th at about 1 o'clock P.M.  Her
            funeral occurred from the First Baptist Church of Tuesday at 3 P.M. assis-
            ted by Rev. William Green.

16 Oct 1879 Mrs. M.A. Hobb, wife of our esteemed fellow citizen, George Hobb, de-
            parted this life last Friday, and was buried Saturday.  She left a husband 
            and children.

30 Oct 1879 King, who shot and wounded school teacher Trimble last week was arrest-
            ed and was bound over to appear before the Grand Jury.

            Died in this City on the 28th inst., Jessie, infant daughter of Isaac M. 
            and Kate McGee, age 1 year, 3 months, 7 days.

            James Powell, after great suffering for three days, died Friday afternoon 
            about 6 P.M

06 Nov 1879 We regret to learn of the death this Monday at noon of a well known and 
            respected old man, William Aberrin.  He will be buried tomorrow.

13 Nov 1879 Died Sunday night, November 9th, at her home, Mrs. Serreida White, wife 
            of Mark White, of typhoid fever. The funeral took place Monday afternoon

22 Nov 1879 In Memoriam - On Monday morning, Mary F., infant daughter of B.F. and
            F.V. Moore departed this life.

25 Dec 1879 Obituary - Mrs. Lurana Marshal, mother of Mrs. E.A. Roberts departed this 
            life last Monday, December 15th, in the 70th year of her age.  She was 
            married to Rev. W.H. Marshal in 1831 and after intenerating a short time, 
            they settled in their present home.

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