(Some surnames appear more than once in the year)

11 Jan 1877     Last Sunday night the telegraph brought sad news of the death of Mr. 
                Watson, of Hannibal.  He was the uncle of Mr. Thomas Robinson, and died 
                very suddenly.  Within the past few months death has made fearful 
                inroads in the family.  Mrs. Dr. Wilkinson and Dr. Lyle and his wife 
                died last Spring.  A few days, Mr. Greathouse, the venerable head of 
                the family died, and now Mr. Watson is also dead.

18 Jan 1877     We regret to announce the sudden death of Clara Sites, eldest daughter 
                of S.E. Sites.  Miss Sites was visiting her grandmother in Pa., where
                she had intended to spend the winter.  Some two or three weeks ago
                she was taken ill with quick consumption, and last Monday morning a
                telegram was received announcing her sudden decease.

01 Feb 1877    The wife of William Smith of Huntsville departed this life last 
                Friday. Mr. Smith is the son of our esteemed townsman, Thomas A.H. 
                Smith, and was well known in Macon.

                Terrible accident (long story) - Sudden and frightful death of 
                Charles J. Carlin.  Mr. Carlin and his eldest boy, Willie, were on
                their way home in the evening, having made some purchases in town, 
                and were crossing the Depot where the 6:00 o'clock freight train stood, 
                and which was about to start out.  They attempted to get up between 
                the 3rd and 4th cars from the rear, and Mr. Carlin, himself, had 
                passed through and reached the platform, turned to his boy, reached 
                out, and said, "Come Willie".  At this time the cars were moving 
                and by some means Charlie Carlin was jerked under the cars.  He 
                was heard to say, "Oh, My____".  He was dragged some distance
                and killed.

08 Feb 1877    Died Jan. 25th, Ida Belle, infant daughter of John J. and Belle Thompson,
                and grandchild of Judge Rowland.  Aged 14 years, 4 months, and 16 days.

01 Mar 1877   Obituary - Died at Macon, Missouri, Tuesday, February the 27th 1877, 
                Cora E. Smothers, age 11 years.

                Bevier.  Miss Mittie Hudleson, second daughter of F.J. Hudleson, was
                buried yesterday.  She was 22 years of age.

08 Mar 1877   Obituary - Isham Walker was born in Ky. March 16, 1816.  His parents
                came to Missouri in 1819.  He married Miss Murphey in 1840, and settled 
                in Macon, Mo. in 1837.  He lost his first wife in 1855, and married Miss 
                Andrews in 1858.  He died February 26, 1877.

15 Mar 1877   Obituary - (short) - Died at Macon, Mo., Friday March 9, 1877, at the
                residence of Thomas H. Smith, Thomas Kirkpatrick, a veteran of the war of
                1812.  He was 87 years old.  He was born in Fauguar County, Virginia.

22 Mar 1877   The remains of Hon. J.F. Benjamin were buried last Friday at Shelbina.
                Several people from Macon attended the funeral.  We learn that Mrs. 
                Benjamin is very ill, and not likely to survive long.

29 Mar 1877   Mrs. Mary, wife of Giles E. Cooke died Sunday.  Mrs. Cooke had suffered 
                for many months with the ravages of cancer.  A few days ago the cancer 
                was removed.  She was recovering when other diseases took her life.  She
                was born in Virginia.

                In Memoriam - Mr. Joseph T. Reister, a well known citizen of Macon de-
                parted this life on the 22nd inst.

12 Apr 1877    Died - Leona Bell, daughter of Wm. L. and Sarah A. Thompson died 
                Monday morning at 5 o'clock, April the 2nd, 1877, aged 21 months and
                26 days, of laryngitis combined with severe hoping cough.  (Long Eulogy).

17 May 1877   In Memoriam - At Moberly, on the 17th inst., Giles F. Cooke of Macon, 
                departed this life at a ripe old age.  Mr. Cooke had been ill for several 
                weeks, and death to him was release from trouble.  His wife died but a 
                few weeks ago (short story in text).

24 May 1877   The funeral of John Z. Hufman will be preached at Hopewell Church near
                his late residence by Rev. Jesse Wilson, on Sabbath, May 27th at 11 A.M.

31 May 1877   Died on the 27th day of May 1877 at 10 minutes past 3:00 in the morning, 
                Isaac Wellington, infant son of Nettie C. and O.F. Farewell, aged 1 year, 
                2 Months, and 2 days.


12 Jul 1877     In Memoriam - Mr. Emery Osgood departed this life on Sat. July 7th.  He
                had been ill for several months with that dread disease consumption, and
                death for him surcease of trouble.  He was born in Maine, and had lived 
                here for several years.  We believe he had but one relative, a sister, 
                in Mo.

19 Jul 1877     A very painful accident occurred in the family of Rev. W. Bell who lives 
                4 miles north east of town, last Saturday.  While Mr. Bell was 
                harvesting his hay, his daughter, about 12 years of age, was riding 
                a horse and assisting to draw the hay up into a stack with a rope. 
                By some means she was thrown and became entangled in the harness.  
                The horse started on a run, plunging and kicking at the same time, 
                the little girl was kicked and dragged until not only life was 
                extinct when she was taken up, but her body was badly mangled.
  26 Jul 1877   L.P. Ripley, son of L.P. Ripley Sr. of Ten Mile Township died Monday
                last.  He was 27 years of age.

                The only son of James Mullinix, living near Bloomington, died last
                Saturday.  He was 6 years of age.

                Edward Millet, son of Pat Millet of Macon died of dropsy last Sunday.

                Col. Neff, the brother-in-law of F.S. and A.J. Williams died at LeClede
                Sunday evening.  He had been dangerously ill for a number of months and
                His death was not enexpected.

                We regret to announce the death of Oscar Collins, who was formerly a
                Citizen of Macon, and was highly esteemed by all who became acquainted
                with him.  For several years he had been suffering from disease of the
                lungs.  This spring and summer he has spent in Texas hoping to find a
                relief in a milder climate.  He died last week in Austin, Texas.  His 
                wife was with him and accompanied his remains to Alton, Illinois.

                Another very sad and fatal accident occurred last week in the family of
                G.W. Darrow, who lives in the southwest part of the county, six miles
                south of New Cambria.  He had led one of his horses up to the well to
                give it a drink of water, and while it was drinking he placed his 
                daughter, about 12 years of age, on the horse.  It turned and ran,
                dragging the girl, who had been thrown and entangled in the harness.  
                She was dashed against the gate post, crushing her head and killing her 
                almost instantly.  Mr. Darrow lost a boy last winter by a run away team.  

09 Aug 1877    We regret to learn that the infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Otto Hartwig died 
                on Monday.

16 Aug 1877    At the Commercial Hotel, Macon, Mo., August 14th, Matthew Jackson, 
                aged 73 years, died  The deceased was the father of Fred Jackson, who is 
                in the employ of Wm Saeger.  He had been ill for a long time and 
                gradually declined, until his death.

                We regret to learn that the last of Mr. Gellhan's 3 boys died Wednesday

                We regret to learn of the death of Elihue Trott, an old citizen of Macon 
                County, who a few years ago lived just east of town.  He died last Monday
                at his home some 10 miles northeast of Macon.  His disease was rheumatic

30 Aug 1877    In Memoriam - Capt. Michael Malony departed this life August 28,
                1877.  He was one of our best citizens and had been a resident of 
                Macon County for many years.  He was Capt. of a Wisconsin Company
                during the war.

06 Sep 1877    We regret to announce that Alex Lewis died last Saturday night from 
                effects of his recent wounds.  To the public he had seemed to be 
                getting well, and his death was a surprise to all.  His wife is one 
                of the teachers in our colored schools.

13 Sep 1877    Died at her home, 4 miles south of Macon, after a long and severe 
                illness, Mrs. J.S. Towner, aged 45 years.  She was buried yesterday 
                p.m. in Chapel Hill Church Cemetery.

                John Edsall, sent to the insane asylum from this county, was 
                discharged as cured on August 31st.  This is good news to his family  
                and friends.

20 Sep 1877    Married:  In Victoria, B.C. on the 14th of August by Rt. Rev. Bishop
                Cridge at the Parsonage, Mr. T. Dalyell Lindsay, of this City, to 
                Miss. E.C. Epperson, late of Macon County, MO. 

                We regret to learn of the severe illness of Mrs. D.G. Saeger, and
                trust she may soon be restored to health.

04 Oct 1877    Dr. W. Lowry was arrested last Monday by Messrs. Terrell and Hanley on 
                the charge of bigamy.  He was bailed in $1000 and will be tried at the 
                November Term.

                Bud Little, implicated in the recent horse thefts has fled to parts 
                unknown. His wife is an invalid and his family are entirely destitute.

                Young Jenkins pled guilty of horse stealing, and was sentenced to two 
                years in the penitentiary.

11 Oct 1877    Died on Saturday, September 7th at seven o'clock A.M.  Miss Belle
                Ketchaw of Love Lake, Missouri.  Departed this life after a brief 
                illness. Her remains were deposited in Shiloh Cemetery on the 11th 
                inst.  (short story included - eulogy).

                Obituary - Died at the residence of Samuel E. Fox, two miles southeast 
                of Macon, MO., the 6th day of October, 1877, Mrs. Minerva F. Gaunt, 
                wife of Richard Gaunt, aged 42 years, 11 months, and 16 days.  Born in
                Boone County, MO. the 20th day of October, 1834, and was married to 
                Richard Gaunt on the 4th day of December 1856.  She left an invalid 
                husband and four children, two boys and two girls.  She was buried 
                near Cairo, in Randolph County on Monday last.  (full obit story in

15 Nov1877    I.O.O.F. Tribute on the 9th of November 1877 for Daniel Morgan.  No 
                dates mentioned.

29 Nov 1877   William Shaw, brother of D.T.W. Shaw departed this life last Saturday and
                was buried on Sunday.  He had been ill for several months with that dread 
                disease, consumption.  He was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 1854 
                and had lived in Macon Co. for several years.

13 Dec 1877   We Regret to hear of the death of Mrs. T.J. Perrell, wife of Rev. T.J.
                Perrell who was formerly Pastor of the M. E. Church of this place.  She 
                died last Friday evening in Kansas.

                We are pained to learn that Mr. Grant Mathews of Wichita, KS. was 
                accidently killed last Monday while out hunting.  His brother, George 
                was with the hunting party.  Mr. Grant Mathews was the brother of 
                Mrs. R.W. Caswell of this City.

27 Dec 1877   Obituary - Wm. N. Vansickle died December 12, 1877, aged 26 years, 8 
                months, and 29 days.  He leaves a wife and a two year old child.  
                (Complete Eulogy by L.P. Wooldridge).


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