(Some surnames appear more than once in the year)

06 Jan 1876      I.O.O.F. Services for Mrs. Anna Evans, wife of Hector Evans, who
                         died after a short, though painful illness.

27 Jan 1876     Obituary --  Sudden death of Mrs. George P. Glaze at Charlotteville,
                         Va. At 9 a.m. Tuesday.  In delicate health, Mr. Glaze took 
                         her to Va. last spring for treatment at different Springs. 
                         Remains shipped back to Macon. In Memoriam - Death of 
                         Joseph Cessna on Tuesday and he was buried on Wednesday of
                         the present week. City Cemetery.

24 Feb 1876    We notice with deep regret the death of Mrs. Dr. S.C. Rubey on Saturday
                        last.  She had become highly esteemed because of her many 
                        virtues and amiable qualities of mind and heart, and her loss 
                        was a very severe trial to her friends.  Her funeral took 
                        place at her residence last Sunday afternoon.

09 Mar 1876   We regret to learn that Mr. C.B. Mathews, whose illness we have noticed
                        elsewhere died last night.  The body was sent to his old home 
                        of Wichita, Kansas for burial.  He was 63 years of age. Death 
                        has been busy in Macon during the past weeks.  We learn there
                        is  quite a lot of sickness in town, owing to the sudden and 
                        frequent changes in the weather.  Scarlet Fever and Measles 
                        prevail but no such cases have resulted fatally.

                        Obituary - Dr. J. J. Lyle was buried last Sunday, age 67 years.

                        Obituary - Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth Scroggins was buried Tuesday. 
                        She was the wife of Dr. Scroggins and died March 6, 1876.  
                        She was 36 years old. Pitt Pearl, only son of D.G. Saeger and
                        wife was buried last Friday.  He departed this life Friday.  
                        Age 6 years.  (short memorial obituary)

16 Mar 1876   Maj. S.P. McMillan is dangerously ill from a stroke of paralysis- his 
                        tongue and throat are so paralyzed that he is unable to 
                        communicate with his friends.  At last accounts we learn that
                        there is little hope of recovery.

                        We learn with regret that Mrs. Shain, wife of our ex-sheriff 
                        departed this life last week.

                        A very sad accident occurred to the family of William Yetter 
                        of La Plata last Monday morning.  A little daughter fell into
                        the well and before she could be rescued she drowned.

                        In Memoriam -- (short obituary)  On the 8th inst., 
                        Mr. Washington  Norris departed this life at the ripe age of
                        62 years.  He was buried at the Oakwood Cemetery.                        
                        David Felton, a young man whose father, David Felton lives 
                        near Callao was killed last Friday by the blasting of rock 
                        in the Huntsville Mine.  He was buried in the Bevier 
                        Cemetery on Sunday.

23 Mar 1876   Mrs. Dr. Lyle died on the 16th inst., and was buried on the 18th.  
                        She was taken ill on the day of her husbands funeral, and 
                        never recovered from the illness.  Rev. John D. Vincel 
                        preached the funeral sermon.

                        On the 18th inst., Mrs. Dr. Wilkinson departed this life 
                        amid the tears of sorrowing friends.  At the funeral of 
                        Dr. Lyle, Mrs. Lyle was taken suddenly ill, and 
                        Mrs. Wilkinson, her sister, aided in taking her home.  Soon 
                        after Mrs. Wilkinson was seized with the dread disease, 
                        "pneumonia", and the disease was aggravated by inflammation 
                        of the stomach.  She was buried at the Oakwood Cemetery on 
                        the 19th of March 1876.

                         Obituary - (Callao, March 22, 1876)  Maj. S.P. McMillan 
                         departed this life near midnight Friday morning March 17th 
                         1876 of paralysis.  He was born in Ohio, and served in the
                         army there.  He moved to Macon in 1867. He was about 57 
                         years of age.

30 Mar 1876   Died in Callao March 21, 1876.  Herbert, son of Dr. J.F. and F. 
                         Campbell. Aged about 6 months.

13 Apr 1876    James Brown, a son-in-law of S.J.O. Tomkins, and formerly 
                        Superintendent of the mines at Bevier was accidentally killed
                        at Evansville last Saturday.  The circumstances of his death
                        have not been learned.

                        In Memoriam - It is with profound regret that we announce the 
                        death of Harry Montgomery.  He had been suffering a long time
                        and death was in fact a relief to him.  Episcopal Church 
                        service with Rev. Ethelbert Talbot.

27 Apr 1876    Mr. Williams, son of T.J. Williams died at New Cambria suddenly last 
                        week.  He had been in Colorado and had returned for his health. 
                        He is supposed to have died of heart disease.

04 May 1876   Died at Bevier on Thursday, April 27, 1876 in the 17th year of his age,
                        David, second son of Thomas P. Griffiths.

                        Died on Monday, May 1st, the Rev. John W. Thomas, Pastor of 
                        the Welsh Baptist Church of Bevier;  his age was 37 years.  
                        He leaves a wife and two children.

11 May 1876   In Memoriam - Ora S. Mellville departed this life April 30, 1876, age 1 
                         year, 3 months, and 9 days.

18 May 1876   Obituary and I.O.O.F. Tribute to Rev. John W. Thomas, who died on 
                         Monday, May 1st 1876.

29 Jun 1876     Died at the residence of her son, D.H. Payson, on the 22nd inst., 
                         Mrs. Chloe H. Payson, in the 63rd year of her age.

20 Jul 1876     We regret to announce the death of Mr. Payson's infant child last 
                        Sunday. It will be taken to St. Louis for burial.  

27 Jul 1876     Obituary - Mrs. Ann Merriman died very suddenly at her home in 
                        Clarence Friday morning the 21 inst., from heart disease

                        Died at Macon, Missouri, Wednesday morning of consumption.
                        Edward Farr.  He had been sick for some time and passed 
                        peacefully and quietly away.   

03 Aug 1876   Died in Huntsville, Missouri on the 25th of July, 1876, May, infant 
                        daughter of Dr. William A. and Nutie Smith.

                        Roger Powell, youngest son of Mr. John Powell died on Sat. 
                        last.  A small pimple had arisen on his temple.  When it broke
                        the vein burst and he bled to death in spite of all efforts 
                        to save him.  He was only 6 weeks old.  

17 Aug 1876   Obituary - Died July 28th 1876 near La Porte, Macon County, Missouri,
                        Mrs. Mary Trott, wife of Mr. Elihn Trott, after a brief and 
                        painful illness, in the 65th year of her age.  Mary Clark, 
                        her maiden name, was born in Enon Valley, Beaver County, Pa.
                        on February 17, 1814 and married to her husband May 17th 1832.
                        The family came to Missouri in 1858 and settled in Salt River, 
                        Shelby County.  They moved to Macon County in  1870. 
                        While in Shelby County five of their children were carried 
                        away within a few days of each other by diphtheria.

24 Aug 1876   Obituary - Died at Macon, Missouri Tuesday, August 22, 1876, Mrs. John
                        Smith Jr.., age 56 years.  Struck down by paralysis and 
                        suffering for about 2 years, partially recovering at first.

02 Sep 1876    J.C. Merrick, of Bevier, was killed at 8 A.M. last week.  He was doing 
                        something on a car and when he fell and was rolled under the
                        engine.  He leaves a wife and five children in destitute

                        Fatal accident - (Long article).  A sad and fatal accident 
                        occurred in our City last Saturday at the R.R. crossing on 
                        Rubey Street.  Charles Walter Reynolds, step-son of George
                        W. Chevis, a boy of about 16 years of age, was at the Depot 
                        with quite a number of other boys and when the 10 O'clock 
                        freight train came along, he jumped on.  At Rubey Street, 
                        he attempted to jump off and fell between the cars, and was 

07 Sep 1876    Dick, infant son of A.J. Cherry and wife died on the 4th inst. at the 
                        City Hotel where Mr. Cherry is staying temporarily.

14 Sep 1876    Obituary - Entered into rest at her late residence in this  city on 
                        Saturday the 2nd inst., Fanny B., wife of G.C. Sauvinet, aged
                        52 years.  Born in Shropshire, England and came to America 
                        with her husband in the year 1841.  They lived successively 
                        in Elizabethtown, N.J., St. Louis, Quincy, and Huntsville 
                        before removing to Macon.  At Huntsville the family spent
                        16 years, and 12 years in Macon City.

21 Sep 1876    Died September 18, 1876, Mandy Ann, infant daughter of Geo. and Mattie
                        Jenks of Macon, Missouri, aged 3 months.  Funeral services
                        at the house of Rev. O.S. Middleton, burial, Oakwood.

                         In Memoriam - On the 19th inst., at Madison, Indiana, Mrs.
                         Belle Days departed this life.  Cancer and complications was 
                         the cause. Capt. Days, her bereaved husband is a long time 
                         resident of Macon.

30 Sep 1876    Capt. W.T. Days returned to Macon Tuesday and was met by many who 
                         sympathize with him on his loss.

                         We regret to learn of the death of George Griffith, brother 
                         of Mrs. J.B. Tibbs, and who was formerly a resident of Macon.  
                         He died at Carthage, Missouri Saturday, September 23, 1876, 
                         aged 24 years.

                         Nathan Richardson, who had been for 40 years a resident of 
                         Macon County, and had always been a much respected citizen, 
                         died in this City last Monday.  Mr. Richardson had moved to 
                         Texas some 14 years ago, and was here on a visit.  His 
                         funeral took place Monday evening at the residence of Phillip

19 Oct 1876     Married at Johnston, Pa. October 5, 1876, Miss Hattie White and 
                         Dr. R.S. McMillen.  Many friends in Macon remember the bride
                         who for several years resided here and will wish her much 
                         happiness in her wedded life.

30 Nov 1876    We regret to learn that the estimable wife of G.L. Towner is very low 
                         and there is but little, if any, prospect of her recovery.

07 Dec 1876    We regret to learn of the dangerous illness of Mrs. Wilbur F. Williams
                         who is prostrated with typhoid fever.

                         Mrs. G. L. Towner departed this life at 8 o'clock yesterday 
                         morning.  She had suffered long and patiently from that 
                         dreadful disease, consumption.

                         James M. Martin committed suicide on the 5th inst., about 
                         4 o'clock, by shooting himself, the charge entering a little 
                         to the right of the left eye, blowing off the entire top and 
                         back part of the head.  The deceased was about 21 years old. 
                         There was no cause assigned for the action.  A letter was
                         found in his pocket, addressed to his parents, which said 
                         that he was "tired" of life.

21 Dec 1876    Charles C. Rooks, son of John and Hattie Rooks died Dec. 13, age 15
                        years, 7 months, and 13 days.

28 Dec 1876    We regret to learn that the brother-in-law of T.S. Beeler was run over
                         by the cars and killed at DeMoines, IA., last week.

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