(Some surnames appear more than once in the year)

14 Jan 1875   On the 10th inst. George Evans departed this life. Mr. Evans was an old 
                        citizen of Macon and was well known by the people of the City 
                        and County and his loss will be deeply felt by all. There are 
                        few who do not remember his rough and kindly ways. Within his 
                        breast beat as large and kind a heart as was n N. Missouri. 
                        His remains were taken to Syracuse, N.Y. for interment.
28 Feb 1875    Died.  G.B. Greer, at his late residence in Adair Co., Mo.  Formerly he 
                        lived about 5 miles NE of Macon City.  He emigrated from Barron 
                        Co., KY to this in 1852.  Aged 71 years 6 days.  He died in 
                        faith and peace in Christ; he left 11 children and a number 
                        of relatives and friends to mourn his departure, but not as 
                        those who have no hope.  Our father and brother has gone to 
                        the heavenly kingdom and there on the evergreen shore awaits
                        our arrival.  "Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death
                        of his Saints". Rev. D. Whitehead - Macon, Mo., February 19, 

11 Mar 1875   Mrs. J.W. Boyd, who has been an invalid for the past year, left Monday
                        last for Perry Springs, Illinois.

                        In Memorium - Miss Lizzie, daughter of our esteemed townsman 
                        Wm. R. Roberson, departed this life on the 8th inst.  She 
                        has been ill for a long time with consumption (short eulogy
                        in text).

06 May 1875   A grand rally of the Baptist Sabbath School and friends will be held at 
                        the Baptist Church on Sabbath evening, May 9th, at 7 and 
                        ½ O'clock.  Speaking, Singing, Recitations, etc., and 
                        all are invited.   J.D. Humphreys, Supt.

27 May 1875   Mrs. Magnus, wife of our esteemed friend, Wm. Magnus has departed this
                         life on Sunday last after a short illness.  Mr. Magnus and 
                         his bereaved family have the heartfelt sympathy of our 
                         entire community. 

03 Jun 1875    Mr. Thomas Harper departed this life Monday evening after a long 
                        illness of many months.  Perhaps no man in Macon Co. was more 
                        widely known than Mr. Harper, and none knew him but to love 
                        him.  His death leaves a void in many an aching heart.  For 
                        many years he was connected with the offices of the County 
                        and he discharged all his duties therein faithfully and 
                        honestly.  His excellent wife died in Texas some time ago.  
                        Since which time Mr. Harper has resided with his daughter, 
                        Mrs. Dr. Stewart up to the time of his death.

01 Jul 1875    John W. McGindley, Esq., was sent to the Insane Asylum in St. Joseph 
                       last Sunday night.  He had been a very hard student for the 
                       past two years and had overtaxed his powers both mental and
                       physical, and with sad result. We earnestly hope  he may 
                       speedily recover.

                        TRIP TO OTTUMWA by about 100 Maconites --  for fun time
                                                       Text Below
                        Incidents - While we were enjoying ourselves at the picnic 
                        grounds a terrible tragedy was being enacted in the City on
                        the other side of the river. It appears that a rough named 
                        Smith had killed a deputy Marshal the night before.  It 
                        was an atrocious deed and the citizens were greatly excited 
                        there at.  He was arrested and on Tuesday he was brought before
                        a Magistrate for examination.  After his preliminary trial he 
                        was being taken from the Magistrate's office to the jail when
                        a mob, in broad daylight, seized the prisoner, placed a rope 
                        around his neck and forthwith hung him to a lamp post until 
                        he was dead.  This occurred just prior to our crossing over 
                        to the City, although the tragedy was witnessed by a few of our 
                        people who had crossed the river before.  The victim doubtless
                        deserved his fate but he should have received it at the hands 
                        of the law and not the mob.  The Ottumwa people were so busy
                        with their hanging they paid but little attention to their 
                        Macon guests.

29 Jul 1875     Gussie, one of the twin boys of A. Maffrey died last Friday.  The twins  
                        were beautiful children and were the peculiar pride of their 
                        parents and friends.
                        Obituary.  In Memoriam - Rev. Francis Hooper Graham, late 
                        Presiding Elder of the Macon District, Missouri Conference 
                        was born in Baltimore County, Maryland, Oct. 4, 1817 and 
                        died at his residence in Macon, Mo., Sunday, July 25, 1875.  
                        Aged 57 years, 9 months, 21 days.

05 Aug 1875   Frank Bradley, one of the oldest and best engineers on the Hannibal 
                        and St. Joseph railroad, was killed last Sunday while in 
                        the discharge of his duty at Minnow Creek, in the suburbs 
                        of Hannibal.  Although proceeding cautiously as his engine 
                        was approaching the bridge over Minnow Creek, and nothing 
                        apparently wrong with the bridge, yet when his engine struck
                        it the whole structure gave way and the engine, baggage car 
                        and engineer were submerged.  Sunday evening his body was 
                        found lodged in some bushes some distance below the place 
                        of the disaster.  Frank Bradley was well known along the 
                        line of the road and held in high esteem by all.  He was a 
                        noble fellow and died at his post.

                        Sad Accident:  A fatal and very sad accident occurred 
                        yesterday morning about 11 o'clock to Addie McCrosky, which
                        shocked our whole community.  Mr. McCrosky was passing 
                        along the track of the Hannibal and St. Joseph railroad 
                        near the east end of the depot with his two little boys, 
                        holding them by the hand.  Observing the coal train coming,
                        as he supposed  on the main track, he tried to get over on 
                        the North Missouri switch.  This was the track upon which
                        the train was moving, and his little boy Addie, about
                        six years of age, had just moved over onto the track and 
                        was caught by the car and his little life was crushed out
                        in a moment.  It is a terrible sorrow to the grief-stricken
                        parents, and they have the sympathy of all.

09 Sep 1875    The infant child of Geo. P. and Sarah Glaze died last Saturday.  It 
                        had been sick since birth.

23 Sep 1875    The infant child of John and Mrs. Goltner died last Saturday.  It's 
                        life journey was very brief as it lived only 3 days from birth.

30 Sep 1875    We regret to announce the death of Uncle George Taylor.  He was buried
                        yesterday.  Mr. Taylor was one of the first settlers of Macon 
                        County and had frequently been honored by his fellow citizens
                        with high positions and he acquitted himself efficiently and
                        uprightly in all.  His death is a misfortune to our entire 
                        county and many will drop a tear to his memory.

28 Oct 1875    Died Monday the 25th inst. of heart disease, Uncle Billy Ward, near 
                        Callao. He was an old and highly esteemed citizen.  He had 
                        lived in Macon County for many years.

18 Nov 1875   Died at Round Grove Nov. 15th 1875.  Albert Clarke, aged 24 years.  Mr. 
                        Clarke had been a resident of Round Grove Twp. for 3 years 
                        and was respected by all who knew him.

25 Nov 1875    Died at 1 O'clock this morning at the house of her son-in-law, J. L. 
                         Berry, Esq., Mrs. Rachel Grubb, aged 69 years.  Her funeral 
                         took place this p.m. at 3:00 O'clock.

                         Sudden death - Our community was startled Tuesday by the 
                         intelligence of the sudden death of R. H. Griffith, an old
                         and respected citizen of Macon.  He came in at noon and 
                         requested his wife to prepare him some soup for his dinner.
                         When she stepped out into another room to prepare the dinner, 
                         he lay down upon a lounge.  On her return to the room a few 
                         moments afterward she found him lifeless and was apparently 
                         passed away without a struggle.  It is supposed he died 
                         from apoplexy.  He has been in feeble health for some time, 
                         but was not regarded seriously ill.  He was about 80 years 
                         of age.

                         Died on Saturday inst., Mary, the wife of Mr. Hopkin Evans, 
                         age 63 years. She was born near Swansea in 1812, arrived in 
                         America after a long and tedious voyage in a sailing vessel,
                         buried one son at sea, and as soon as they landed in New 
                         Orleans, her brother died, that was in 1851.  They have 
                         lived in the Mississippi Valley ever since.  Mr. Evans has 
                         been engaged in coal mining at several noted points, was 
                         about the first coal digging family that settled at Bevier.
                         Buried Monday inst. She leaves a husband, two daughters, 
                         and several grandchildren.

16 Dec 1875    Tribute of Respect - Cambria Lodge 337 I.O.O.F.  After a short illness,
                         Mrs. Emma Linder, wife of our highly esteemed brother J.A. 
                         Linder. (full I.O.O.F. tribute in text, but no details of

23 Dec 1875    We regret to hear of the sudden death of our old friend Gotlieb Mohr on
                         Monday inst.  He took his rifle and went out to check his 
                         traps, and did not return for a long time.  His friends 
                         went to find him and found him dead, shot through the heart.
                         His rifle was lying nearby and had been discharged.  It was
                         assumed that he had had an accident and killed himself.  It
                         will never be known for sure.  He had passed middle life,
                         and was respected by all.

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