(Some surnames appear more than once in the year)

01 Jan 1874    Sad Accident - Tuesday afternoon James Haney, who lives 
                        some 6 miles SE OF Macon who had been in town during the day 
                        with his team was found in the lane near the Fair Grounds 
                        fearfully mangled and his team further on.  It is supposed 
                        that his team ran away as his wagon is somewhat broken.  He 
                        was brought to town and a physician called to dress his 
                        wounds.  His skull was lacerated over the temple and severe 
                        gashes on his person.  He is thought to be dangerously injured.

19 Feb 1874    Obituary.  Died near Vienna, in Macon Co. Thursday Feb. 12th of typhoid
                        fever, George L. Stewart, age 47 years (see Feb 26th).

26 Feb 1874    Story.  The body of George L. Stewart was taken by friends to Michigan 
                        for burial.  When returning to Macon, only son of George L. 
                        Stewart, Charles, became very ill and was taken to the house 
                        of Mr. Martin, where he died the next day, Thur. the 19th of 
                        November.  Malignant typhoid fever.

19 Mar 1874   J.D. Humphreys has been quite sick for a week past.  We are happy to see
                        him out again.

23 Apr 1874   Henry Crane was killed at Brookfield last Friday while coupling cars.  
                        An engine and eight cars passed over him.  

30 Apr 1874   Deaths - At Bevier on Thursday the 23rd inst. Hopkin Evan Davis, 
                        youngest child of John W. Davis, age 14 months and 4 days.

                        Infant daughter of John M. Evans, aged one month.

                        In Narrows Twp., Andrew J., youngest son of Frank H. and 
                        Emma R. Murphy.  April 19, 1874, age 2 years and 29 days.

                        Daisy Barrow, daughter of B.S. Barrow Esq., departed this 
                        life on the 20th of April 1874, a beautiful child of 3 

                        Mrs. Diana Pool, wife of Col. Thomas Pool of this County 
                        departed this life on the 9th inst.  She was a member of the 
                        Christian Church for 40 years. Born in Kentucky, she came 
                        to Missouri in 1829, and to Macon in 1852.

14 May 1874   We regret to learn of the death of George Keown which occurred at his 
                         fathers residence near New Cambria one day last week.  He 
                         was a very excellent young man and was at one time a 
                         resident of Macon.  

                         Peter Cross, bridge foreman on the H. & St. Jo. R.R. was 
                         killed last Thursday evening at Callao.  He was run over 
                         by a freight train.  He was recently married and lived in 

28 May 1874   We regret to learn that Lonny Davis, brother of Bob Davis has become 
                         insane.  The first indications of mental derangement 
                         occurred last Saturday evening at which time his actions 
                         were peculiar.  Sunday morning his condition was worse and
                         the derangement continued to increase until at the 
                         present time his condition is one of complete derangement.  
                         It is difficult to account for this sad change.  He has 
                         always been an industrious, upright boy and beloved by all 
                         his friends.  It is hoped he may soon recover.

                         Obituary by Order of Masons:  William A. Wilkes, Esq., a 
                         Master Mason and a member of the Kirksville Lodge No. 105,
                         A.F. and A.M. departed this life My 7, 1873 (1874?), aged 
                         51 years, 5 months, and 21 days 
04 Jun 1874     Lonny Davis who went deranged last week was taken to Fulton Friday last.

                         Died on the 1st inst., Ada, youngest child of G.E. and Anna 
                         Tiffany of Ouincy, Illinois.  Mr. and Mrs. Tiffany were here 
                         on a visit to Mr. Becler, a relative.

18 Jun 1874     Mr. John Rowe of Round Grove died on the morning of June 7th 1874.  He
                         was born in Columbia, New Jersey.  Aged 85 years.  He was a 
                         soldier in the was of 1812 and came to Macon County about 
                         5 years ago.

25 Jun 1874     Lonny Davis, now at Fulton is improving rapidly.

                         A sad accident - We regret to announce the death of Willie 
                         Sparrow, son of our townsman Rev. G.C. Sparrow.  In company 
                         with two or three other boys he went in bathing in Steele's 
                         Pond Tuesday evening and getting beyond his depth he was 
                         drown.  We learn that his body has been recovered.

09 Jul 1874     Died - At Alexandria, Mo. on the 8th inst.  Mrs. J.W. Summers, sister
                         of our fellow townsman E.M. Baxter.

16 Jul 1874     Died - July 14th.  Louisa J., wife of James H. Blanset, age 33.

06 Aug 1874   The boy who was so severely whipped by his father near Bloomington last 
                        week died Friday last.  Captain Davis informs us that the 
                        name of the brute-father is Mr. Siqusar, who finding that 
                        his son would soon die made "tracks" for unknown parts.

                        Died on Tuesday last at his residence south of town, Mr. 
                        John Turner, aged 35 years.  He leaves a wife and family.

                        Died on last Saturday morning; Mr. James Miller, also 
                        south of town, age 70 years.

                        J.H. Williams formerly an old resident of this place and 
                        lately of Ironton, Missouri, died recently at Hawks Nest, Va.

13 Aug 1874   Died on the evening of the 6th inst., Charles Campbell, aged 19 years
                        (includes a short obituary).

03 Sep 1874    We regret to hear of the death of Mrs. Martha Lloyd which occurred 
                        on the 26th of August, 1874.

10 Sep 1874    Jno. T. Wright's little girl, aged 2 years and 6 months died the 29th  
                        of August at Bevier.

01 Oct 1874    A man named W.T. Patterson was drown the other day at Arrow Rock.

22 Oct 1874    Obituary.  William Oakley, 74 years old last September died Monday
                        morning at 3 a.m.  He was a resident of Macon for 6 years.  
                        Funeral last Tuesday at St. James Church, buried at Oakwood

29 Oct 1874    Mrs. Griggs, who was sent to the Fulton Insane Asylum some months ago
                        died at that place last week. 

03 Dec 1874    Died on the 28th inst. in Chariton Twp., Mr. Solomon Shoemaker, age 77 
                        years.  Mr Shoemaker was one of the oldest residents of Macon
                        County and an  exemplary Christian.  He leaves a wife and 9 
                        children.  He lived a wedded life of over 50.  We extend to 
                        the bereaved family our heartfelt sympathy.

10 Dec 1874    Johnny Halhes, a brakeman on the St. Jo. & Council Bluffs R.R. and for 
                        5 years a brakeman on the H. & St. Jo. R.R.  fell off the 
                        train last week and was run over losing an arm and a leg.  
                        He died Tuesday morning at Craig, Missouri.  This is a very 
                        sad affair.  He was the only dependence of his Parents.

17 Dec 1874    Died on the 5th inst., Minnie, only child of Henry and Bridget 
                        Goodwin, aged 11 months.

31 Dec 1874    Died of diphtheria December 22nd, Burton E., son of Geo. W. and Mary
                        E. Brinkard of Narrows, aged 4 years 4 months (Eulogy 
                        included in text).

                        Died at Macon on December 28th 1874, Clara Mayhurin of 
                        typhoid fever, Aged 19 years (Eulogy included in text).

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