(Some surnames appear more than once in the year)

29 Jan 1873    Child of Dr. B.F. Roberts.  About 8 months old.  Child in high chair. 
                       Mother left room and high chair tipped over onto hot stove.  Died 
                       of burns.

                        Mr. Denzler of Bevier died 23 Jan 1873.  Kicked in stomach by 
                       horse, Thur 14 Jan 1873

02 Apr 1873   Obituary.  Hon. H.P. McCall died at Jefferson City.  Past Sheriff.  Repre-
                        sentative of Macon County to the State Legislature.  Burial at 
                        Oakwood Cemetery Sunday p.m. (30 May 1873. (Full story in 

09 Jul 1873    The knife.  A Mr. Quid Robert was killed by a Mr. Smoot at Mercyville on 
                       Thursday last.  

16 Jul 1873    A.B. Smoot, charged with the killing of S. Roberts had a hearing before 
                       Esq. Ames and was discharged.

                       Heirs wanted --- In 1868, a man named H.E. Hughes, who was 
                       supposed to have relatives in Macon County was murdered at 
                       Junction City, Kansas.
                       Any of his relatives calling this office will receive information 
                       that may be of great value to them.    S.G. Brock     

30 Jul 1873    Annie May, infant daughter of J.O. and C.E. Jewett departed this life 
                       Tuesday last, aged 18 months.

06 Aug 1873   Killed by lightning - One M.T. Baldwin, formerly a resident of this city 
                        and who for several years has resided in Niles, Trumbul Co., 
                        Ohio was killed by lightning July 28, 1873.
                        At the residence of Dr. R.H. Sloan in LaPorte.  Alma A., infant 
                        daughter of O.F. and N.C. Farewell died Friday evening 
                        1 Aug 1873. Age 11 months And 21 days


21 Aug 1873   Died Friday August 15, 1873 at Macon, Mo. of inflammation of the bowel,
                        Johnnie, infant son of Geo. W. and Annie E. Reed, age 9 months.

                        Died Friday August 15, 1873 Frank R. Piero, infant son of 
                        Dr. Frank and Hattie Piero, age 18 months.

28 Aug 1873   Hon. John F. Benjamin was shot on Monday last by one James Hanley who
                        was in his employ as a gardener.  This was done by Hanley whole 
                        drunk and in a quarrelsome mood.  The ball entered the left side
                        inflicting a severe but not fatal wound.  He is getting along 
                        pretty well. Surgeons have not taken out the ball but have 
                        found it's location.                    

04 Sep 1873   One Dundon, an excellent young man who was an aid to Sheriff Law and 
                       was shot by the Fulton mob has died.  This is the third victim, 
                       two of them innocent and were murdered for discharging their duty.

09 Oct 1873   Mable, infant daughter of Dr. and Mrs. E.P. Bartlett departed this life
                       Oct. 6th, aged 1 year and 4 months.  Parents from Ohio visiting 
                       relatives in Macon (short story follows announcement).
                       Died on the 9th inst. at 5 A.M., Willie, only son of Jno W. and 
                       Emma Patton.

23 Oct 1873    At Macon, Mo. Saturday morning October 11th, Harry E. Tomlinson, infant
                       son of W.E. and Mary Tomlinson.

13 Nov 1873   November 7th, Eliza, youngest daughter of Mary and August Maffry, aged 
                        18 months.  November 10th, Louis Matilda, aged 7 years.  The
                        parents have been called upon to mourn the loss of two of their
                        children within 4 days.

20 Nov 1873   Obituary.  Benjamin N. Tracy departed this life on the 18th inst., aged 67

27 Nov 1873   Thursday morning November 20th, Dyal T., only child of Charles H. and
                        Debbie C. Benedict.

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