(Some surnames appear more than once in the year)

07 Aug 1872   In Macon, Sunday morning 4 Aug 1872, Nancy Maud, daughter of Frank 
              and Sarah Bourk, age 4 months and 4 days.

14 Aug 1872   Daniel Galvin drown at Hannibal Wed. night 7 Aug 1872.

              Geo B. Turner died Thur 8 Aug 1872.  Buried Oakwood Cem.

              Theodore Saunders died in La Plata Fri morning 9 Aug 1872

              Viola Wooldridge, Macon, died Thur night 8 Aug 1872

29 Aug 1872   John W. Gibson died Sun. evening 25 Aug 1872.  Age 57.

              David McCann killed Thur. evening 22 Aug 1872.  Walking on tracks 
              and hit by Train No. 1.

04 Sep 1872   Peter Gilstrap killed by Isaac Summers.  Gun shot to head on Mon. 
              2 Sep 1872. 
              Peter Gilstrap killed by James Summers and Isaac Summers.
              Fatal Termination of a Feud.
              The Summers under arrest.
              Our community was startled Monday noon, by the announcement along the 
              streets that a murder had been committed in one of our saloons.  This 
              report was found to be true upon investigation, and upon further 
              inquiry, it was determined that one Peter Gilstrap, a citizen of Macon 
              County, was the victim.

              It seems the bitter feeling had existed between the decedent, Peter 
              Gilstrap, and the family of Isaac Summers, two members of which Isaac
              Summers and James Summers are under arrest charged with the killing 
              of Peter Gilstrap.  The feeling dates back some three years or more, 
              to the time when this Peter Gilstrap, who is now the victim, killed one 
              John Penton, who was a nephew of Isaac Summers.  At which time 
              Mr. Isaac Summers expressed his opinion as to the criminality of Peter 
              Gilstrap, which seems to have offended him, and that since that, this 
              Peter Gilstrap has, we learn, at numerous times, made threats of taking 
              the life of Isaac Summers. As near as we can learn, Peter Gilstrap was 
              a man of very vindictive spirit, and had threatened the lives of several 
              citizens, who were witnesses for the State at the time of his trial.  
              This feeling culminated in a bloody encounter Monday noon. We give below 
              the testimony of witnesses at the coroner's inquest.

              John Church being duly sworn, deposes and says:  Pot Claybrook and Peter 
              Gilstrap came together into my saloon, they called for a drink.  I think 
              had not yet drank it, when Isaac and James Summers came in.  James 
              Summers in a loud voice spoke to Peter Gilstrap and called him an old 
              son of a b-h, momentarily after this, James Summers drew a revolver and 
              shot at Gilstrap.  I am not able to say if the first shot hit him.  After 
              the first shot, Gilstrap fell on his hands and knees on the floor, with 
              a knife in his hands.  After falling, Isaac Summers hit him several 
              times with a stick.  After this James Summers advanced within two or 
              three feet of him, holding his revolver near Gilstrap's head, shooting 
              him in the head, instantly killing him.  I do not know when Peter 
              Gilstrap drew his knife - the knife was open when I saw it.  It was in 
              the hands of Gilstrap as he fell -- Gilstrap did not seem excited when 
              he came into the saloon.  The Summers were excited when they came in.

              S.P. Claybrook's testimony is substantially the same as that of John

              Dr. E.C. Still being duly sworn, deposes and says:  I made the post 
              mortem examination upon the body of Peter Gilstrap.  I found a wound 
              in front of the right ear about one inch in front.  It looked like it 
              had been made by a pistol shot.  I probed and cut it and found it 
              ranging down, passing through the bones of the neck, cutting through 
              the blood vessels, and muscles and spinal marrow, ranging down the left
              side, lodging back of the clavicle, on the upper edge of the first rib.
              There were three wounds on the top and back portion of the head, the 
              scalp being raised in each wound from the skull.  The three wounds look 
              like they might have been inflicted by a club, or some hard substance 
              having angles or sharp edges.  The First described wound I think was 
              sufficient to cause instant death.  The three last described wounds
              upon the head, I think, would not be sufficient to cause death.

              The coroner's jury returned the following verdict: That the said Peter 
              Gilstrap came to his death from a pistol ball fired by James Summers 
              and Isaac Summers accessory.
                          George Brown                 W.F. Williams
                          S.D. Rogers                  T.C. Wamsley
                          R.B. Bronson                 Martin Curry

              Notes courtesy of Calista Dunham:  This is what the indictment said: 
              That James Summers and Isaac Summers both of the county of Macon on 
              the 2nd day of September A.D. 1872 with force and arms in and upon 
              one Peter Gilstrap in the peace of said state then there being, 
              feloniously, willfully, deliberately, premeditatedly and of their 
              malice aforethought did shoot Peter in the head with a pistol which 
              said James Summers had in this right hand and with a leaden bullet.

              The case was sent to trial and the State called 24 witnesses and so 
              did the defendants.  The jury gave a verdict found them not guilty.

18 Sep 1872   Mrs. John Landree (living near Bloomington) died Fri. 13 Sep 1872 age 
              74. One of the oldest residents of Macon County.

09 Oct 1872   Mary S. Phillips, typhoid, 29 Sep 1872, age 9 and a few months, daughter 
              of Joseph and Mary Phillips.

30 Oct 1872   Obituary.  Judge J.R. Alderman, died Thur. 24 Oct 1872 age 60 years and 
              6 months.

20 Nov 1872   Suicide.  Young man "disappointed in love" Gus Tibbits, at Callao, Mon.
              18 Nov 1872.  Gunshot.

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