Bevier High School
1933 Graduation Lists

Bevier High School Class of 1933

These seniors did not have a formal graduation ceremony, due to the burning of the school building and the necessity of finishing their year in makeshift classrooms at Bevier businesses.
Concetta Amedei
Marion Colo
Edith Cress
Marjorie Cress
Leslie Evans
Alberta Franklin
Bertha Giovanni
William Henry
Andrew Holman
Harold Jones
Ancil Kilgore
Elden Lovland
F.L. McKane
Margurite McNulty
Arla Melvin
Louisa Melvin
Mary Elizabeth Powell (Class President)
Hubert Ray
Mildred Richardson
Lavegia Ronchetto
Dorothy Stuart
Edythe Skinner
Kathleen Tate
Hallie Jean Thompson
William Turner
John Francis Wachter
Elna Winn
Class Sponsor - Mrs. Pansy Zellars Sagaser

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