From the front page of the Bevier Appeal
dated 19 Sep 1902

Donated by: Sandra Stanton

Child Rescued From Drowning

Rachel, the two-year old daughter of Samuel Reffett and wife, who resides in the brick row, had a narrow escape from drowning last Monday afternoon.

The child was accidentally discovered in the well near Elder Francis A. Evans' residence by the little one's sister, Miss Effie, who gave the alarm at once.

The well was about full of water and the child was on the surface face downwards. The little one could not be reached from the top but Mr. Richmond grasped the boards at the top and swung his body into the well and lifted the child out of the water between his feet and then Charles Riley reached down and got her out.

The child was dead to all appearance, but luckily, Dr. Edwards, who happened to see the people rushing to the well, had arrived there and promptly went to work to resuscitate her and after awhile she commenced to breathe a little. Dr. Rowland also came and the child's respiration was restored but she remained unconsious until early the next morning, but was able to walk around as usual the next day.

Family Items of Interest

John Isaacson left last Tuesday for Iowa.

Richard M. Jones' little daughter, Mabel, has been very sick for several weeks.

Mrs. Harry Zellars and little daughter, Pansy, visited with her parents at Macon last Friday.

J.H. Stamper of Ten Mile, visited his daughter, Mrs. M.E. Hudelson and family the first of the week.

Mrs. Elizabeth Hughes left Tuesday for Brookfield, where she is enjoying a visit with friends and attending the fair.

Mrs. Albert Skinner returned home Friday from Kaseyville, where she had been attending the Macon Baptist Association.

David E. Morgan left Saturday for Novinger, where he will work in the mines. His son, James, joined him at Novinger Monday.

Mrs. J.F. Williams let Monday to attend the county convention of Christian Churches held this week at Moore's chapel, near Barnesville.

Rev. H.M. Evans is confined to his home at present, being afflicted with eye trouble. His eyes have caused him considerable suffering for some time.

Miss Reta Hutchinson, of Snow, made a very pleasant visit with Dr. Hudelson's family last Friday and Saturday. She was a former neighbor of Mrs. Hudelson.

Mrs. Lewis D. Jones went to Brookfield Tuesday to make a visit with her daughter, Mrs. James R. Morgan and family and to attend the Fair held in that city this week.

Alice, the infant daughter of Elder Francis A. Evans and wife, aged two weeks, died about 7 o'clock yesterday (Thursday) morning, death being the result of an attack of spasms. The funeral will take place today.

Miss Bella Bryden visited with friends at Macon this week.

O.B. Taylor visited with relatives at New Cambria last Friday.

Mrs. John E. Bowen was the guest of Callao friends Sunday afternoon.

J.F. Richards spent last Sunday at Brookfield with his brother-in-law, Robert E. Davies.

Joseph Morgan spent yesterday at Shelbina attending the Fair and visiting with relatives.

Mrs. Thomas B. Thomas has been confined to her home with an attack of sickness since Saturday.

Miss Stella Jones went to Brookfield Wednesday to visit with her sister, Mrs. David Cross and family.

Mrs. Mark Surridge went to Brookfield Sunday night to visit with her daughter, Mrs. M. Heade and family.

Mayor T.A.Rowland and T.D. Thomas, jr. were among the Bevierites who went to Brookfield yesterday to attend the fair.

Mrs. J.F. Richards and little son left Saturday for Des Moines, Iowa to enjoy a week's visit with her sister, Miss Annie Davis.

Daniel T. Edwards has had a handsome new residence built, which is now almost completed on his place in northwest Bevier.

Miss Stella Wardell of Harkes, Iowa, came here recently to attend school and is staying at the home of her grandfather, Wm. D. Lewis.

Mrs. Hannah Evans accompanied by her daugher, Mrs. J.S.Davis, of Rock Springs, Wyo, went to Kirksville Saturday to visit with the former's son, S.S. Evans and family.

Mrs. Addison Orr and little daughter, Adra, returned home on Thursday of last week from Huntsville, where she had been visiting for a few days with her husband, who has been working there for several weeks.

Christopher James and wife and grandson, Harry, have been attending the Fair at Brookfield and visiting with their daughter, Mrs. Wm. Ward and family this week. Mrs. James and Harry went Tuesday, the former returning home Thursday morning and Mr. James went there yesterday and will remain over today.

Mrs. Caswallon Thomas and two children of Frontier, Wyo, arrived here on Thursday night of last week and is the guest of her parents, Thomas P. Griffiths and wife and other relatives. Her many friends here are pleased to welcome her on this visit to her old home after an absence of several years.

Mrs. E. W. Farr and daugher, Miss Mary Jane, left Tuesday for Quincy, where they will remain for a few days to engage in the purchase of stock of fall and winter goods for their millinery establishments in this city and New Cambria. Miss Farr has moved from her old stand in New Cambria into the Lunday building in that city.

Hugh E. Jones who left here some weeks ago for St.Louis, writes that he wants the APPEAL sent to his address in that city as he will likely remain there for awhile having secured a good position. Since going to St.Louis a St.Joseph firm tendered him a position but he declined, preferring to remain with the St. Louis firm.

Mayor T.A.Rowland has appointed Elmer Lewis to the office of City Clerk, made vacant through J.R. Hughes leaving last week to attend the State Normal school at Kirksville. Mr. Lewis is a bright and reliable young man and will make the city an excellent clerk and the mayor is to be congratulated on selecting him for the position.

The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. John L Morgan died at their home in Cleveland, Iowa, last Tuesday morning, aged about 18 months. The news was conveyed here by telegram to the little one's grandparents, John J. Morgan and wife, Tuesday morning, and Mr. Morgan left on the noon train for Cleveland to attend the funeral. The child had been sick for some time. The bereaved parents have the sympathy of their many Bevier friends.

Mrs. Daniel T. Edwards has handed the printer a dollar on subscription for the APPEAL from her brother-in-law, Henry Edwards of Renton, Wash. Mr. Edwards is well known and has many friends here, having lived here before he went to Washington. While many years have rolled on since he left he is still interested in the town and its good people, and knows that the APPEAL is the only medium to keep him thoroughly posted on the town and its affairs.

Mrs. John E. Bowen, who had been here for several months the guest of her parents, T.D. Evans and wife, of Green Hill, left Tuesday for her home in Butte, Montana. Her mother, Mrs. Evans, accompanied her to macon. She had a very pleasant and enjoyable sojourn here and had arranged to remain a couple of weeks, but having received a letter stating her husband, Mr.Bowen, was sick she decided to leave for home at once. She was accompanied by Miss Edythe R. Jones, of Macon, who will probably locate for some time at Butte.

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