From the front page of the Bevier Appeal
dated 14 November 1902

Donated by: Sandra Stanton

Mrs. Caswallon Thomas and children who have been here for over two months the guests of the former's parents, Thomas P. Griffiths and wife and other relatives, leave today for their home in Frontier, Wyoming.

Mrs. John Rees, who had been here for several weeks the pleasant guest of her brother, Wm.C. Lewis and family, left Saturday for her home in Peterton, Kansas. She had intended to remain awhile longer but having received word that her husband, who has been suffering from ill health for many years had been taken seriously sick very suddenly, she left at once for her home.

Celebrates 84th Birthday
In Bevier on Nov. 12, at the home of A.J.Sneed and wife there was a gathering of their children and grandchildren, it being the 84th birthday of A.J. Sneed. This aged couple was united in marriage in 1847, and have lived where they now live since 1848, hence the town of Bevier has grown up under their observation. Father Sneed remembers plowing corn in '48 on the same site that the main street of Bevier now is. Mr. and Mrs. Sneed have eight children, 37 grandchildren and 20 greatgrandchildren, most of whom were present, among them being Eddie Sneed and wife of Kimberly, Albert Skinner and wife, Mrs. James Sneed, James Patrick and wife, Mrs. Ed. Perkins and children, James Vansickle and wife, Mrs. Ida Williams and children, Henry Chandler and family. At the noon hour we were all invited into Mother Sneed's room and at her request we sang "We Shall Know Each Other There" and the writer made a few remarks and offered prayer. The ladies from their well filled baskets had prepared us an excellent dinner and as we took our seats at the table and looked into the tearful eyes of the aged parents we thanked God for them. The old gentleman received a number of nice presents. After a few hours spent talking over old times we left the old home with a hope that we would all live to enjoy another family reunion a year later.
W.A. Skinner, Macon, MO

Ed Lewis spent Sunday with relatives in Higbee.

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