From the front page of the Bevier Appeal
dated: Friday, 25 Oct 1901

Donated by: Sandra Stanton

Family Items of Interest

Mr. Albert Skinner of Bevier and Miss Jane Maud Clarkson of Macon, were united in marriage at the home of the bride's mother, Mrs. Catherine Clarkson, in that city, on Wednesday, Oct. 23, 1901 at 7:30 o'clock p.m., the groom's father, Rev. W.R.Skinner of Macon, officiating. The wedding was a quiet one, only the relatives and immediate friends of the young couple being present. The groom is a very promising and highly respected young man. He is manager of the Reichel Furniture Co. store in this city, and enjoys the good will of the people as well as the confidence of the firm, with which he has been connected for several years. The bride is a most estimable young lady, and until recently held a position as bookkeeper in the Gieselman dry goods store in Macon. They came to Bevier Wednesday night and went direct to housekeeping in the handsomely furnished residence on Shelby street, which was purchased some time ago by the groom. Their Bevier friends unite in wishing them abundant joy and happiness.

Mrs. Murlin Entertains
A pleasant event to be long remembered was the reception given the young folks on Wednesday night by Mrs. W.E. Murlin at her commodious home on Bloomington street, in compliment to her sister, Miss Jennie Lane of Pittsburg, Kansas, who has been the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Murlin for several weeks. There were about sixteen present to enjoy the program of dancing and card playing for the evening. Miss Ruth Hughes and W.J.Reese won the honors for whist-a silver thimble and hat brush. The lunch served was elegant, to say the least, and the hostess, assisted by her son, Lane, acquitted herself very charmingly, as usual, in the entertainment of her guest. Those present were: Mrs. T.S. Watson, Misses Mary Kilholand, Margaret Williams, Leila Cunningham, Kate Rafter, Mary Davis, Ruth Hughes, Alice Drakes, Jennie and Mary Barron; Messrs Arthur Pease, Will Reese, Dr. Schwind, John Bott, Gilbert Hughes.

Mr. and Mrs. James Hier of Marceline, spent last Saturday at the rally at Macon and returned that evening here that evening and remained until Thursday morning, the guests of Mrs. Levi James and family and other Bevier friends. A few weeks ago they returned from a four or five months stay with relatives and old friends in various parts of Pembrokshire and Glanmorganshire and other counties in South Wales, and enjoyed their stay and pleasant associations they experienced immensely, and their friends here are pleased to see them back safe and benefited by the trip. They noted quite an improvement in the condition of the people of South Wales since they left there over 30 years ago, and the musical standard continually moving upward. They remembered the Appeal with a renewal on subscription while here.

Miss Kate Wilson has recovered from at (sic) attack of tonsilities (sic).

Born, Saturday, Oct. 19, 1901, to T.J. Rowland and wife, a boy.

J.W. Brush and wife are having their residence remodeled and improved.

Miss Jennie Lane, who had been here several weeks visiting her sister, Mrs.W.E. Murlin and family, left today for her home in Pittsburg, Kansas. She was accompanied by Mr. Murlin and wife, the latter to make a visit at her home.

C.H. Walton, who has been here for some time visiting with his parents, Isaac Walton and wife and other relatives, left Tuesday night on his return trip to Colorado, where he has been located since spring.

Mrs. J. F. Williams and sister, Miss Annie Grimes, who were delegates from Farley Temple at the Rathbone Sisters annual state gathering at St. Louis last week, returned home Sunday morning.

Mrs. Jane Windle and grandson, Willie Hale of Ethel, who had been here the guests of the former's nephew, C.F. Hale and wife, left for their home Wednesday morning.

Miss Hattie Reynolds, who had been here for a few days visiting at the home of her father, Wm. R. Reynolds, returned to Ardmore Monday.

Miss Jennie Hughes, who has been making an extended stay in Brookfield visiting Miss Mazy Tooey and studying music. returned home Sunday.

Mrs. Anna Howell returned to New Cambria Sunday evening, after a pleasant visit with her sister, Mrs. J. Watson and husband.

Mrs. Robert X. Davis left Monday for Elliott to visit with her daughter, Mrs. John Sutliff and family.

Will Rees, Arthur Peace and Dr. Schwind were the guests of Waldo Smith in Macon Sunday afternoon.

Den Davis and Alfred Anderson went on a business trip to Linneus Wednesday morning.

W.J. Reese attended a ball in Brookfield last night.

A.D. Goodale returned Monday from a trip to Colorado.

The young folks whist club meets with Miss Nora Kilholand tomorrow night

John S. Thomas is able to be out again after being confined to his home for some time with sickness.

Mrs. Wm T. Jones has been quite sick during the last week, but is improving.

Bert C. Colyer of Salisbury, is a guest this week at the home of his uncle and aunt, J.W. Watson and wife.

Frank J. Galpin, of LaCrosse, visited here for several days this week with his nephew, Charles Smith and family.

John P. Rice arrived last week from Pueblo, Colo., to join his wife, who has been here for several weeks, in a visit at the home of Mrs. Rice's parents, John S. Thomas and wife of south Bevier, and will remain about a month.

The following persons of Macon were in attendance at the Episcopal church services Sunday. Mesdames B.S.McKenzie, L.A.Smith, Jas. P. Kem, John Scovern and wife. Theo Ginty and wife, Ross Larrabee and wife, E.J. Demeter and wife.

Representatives Wm. Frame, Edward Hill , Robert Richards and Wm. Chitwood of Benton Lodge of this city, returned home Friday night from St. Louis, where they had been in attendance at the Grand Lodge of Missouri Knights of Pythias.

Mrs. Benjamin Watson and son, Thomas, and dauhters, Hannah, Sarah and Edna, arrived here Saturday from Princeville, Ill. to join her husband, who has been here for some time, having decided to move back to this city, their former home.

Excellent addresses on "The Sunday School and Bible Study," were delivered at the First Cong'l church last Sunday evening by Mrs. S.A. Smith, Miss Mabel Richards and Edward Peake. The attendance was good and the talks much appreciated.

George Richards, President of District 25, made a trip to Lingo Monday and attended the regualr metting of the Local Union of Mine Workers at that place that night. He left Wednesday on a trip to Leavenworth, Kansas, having been called there on official business.

J.B. Richards, teacher of Room 5 in Bevier central school, took his pupils, 5th and 6th grades, out to the woods northwest of town last Friday afternoon, which was spent in nature study. All enjoyed the outing, combining pleasure and instruction, and the hours were profitably spent.

The printer acknowledges the receipt, through the hands of Mrs. J.W. Watson, of a dollar renewal on subscription for the Appeal from J.H. Hughes and wife of Leadville, Colo., with whom Mrs. Watson and husband enjoyed a delightful month's visit during their recent trip to the Centennial State.

John L. Williams, who had been enjoying a vacation of several months, a part of which he spent in a tour of Colorado and a part in visiting his parents and other relatives and friends in this city,left sunday evening to resume his place as depot agent at Osborn, Mo. His health has been much improved by his Colorado trip.

David John Rogers came here from Moberly Saturday to visit his grandmother, Mrs. Elizabeth Harris, and returned to his home Tuesday.

Richard R. Jones of Ardmore, was in attendance at the Democratic rally at Macon Saturday and remembered the printer with a dollar on subscription for the Appeal.

Dr. Rees, the dentist of Moberly, came here last week to fill an engagement and has given several open air concets since he came, being accompanied by Major Wolfscale, the colored banjo player.

A nature study outing was given her pupils of the 7th and 8th grades by Miss Mabel richards, Principal of the Bevier public school, last Wednesday afternoon and the time was pleasantly and instructively spent.

Rev. B.S. McKenzie of Macon, filled his initial appointment at St. George's Episcopal church last Sunday afternoon and preached a very instructive sermon. He will officiate at this church again Sunday, Nov. 10.

A Bible Class, under the direction of Pastor H.M. Evans of the First Cong'l church, will meet tonight at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Elias. The class is conducted under the auspices of the American Institute of Sacred Literature.

Welsh Cong'l Church
Rev. T.D. Rhys, the pastor, will preach next Sunday morning at 10:30. Sermon will be followed by Holy Communion. Sunday school at 2 p.m. The pastor will preach in English at the evening service at 6:30. All are invited.

Christian Church
Elder Ford of Canton, will fill his regular appointment at this church next Sunday. He will preach in the morning at 11:00 o'clock and in the evening at 7:30. An invitation extended to all.

First Baptist Church
Next Sunday's services: Rev. D. A. Jones will preach in the morning at 10:30 on the theme "The Sufferings of Christ." the Lord's Supper will be celebrated after the sermon. Sunday school at 2p.m.. Rehearsal of Juvenile choir at 3 o'clock. In the evening at 6:30 the pastor will preach in English on the topic: "Successful Charge of Another Light Brigade." All are welcome.

First Congregation Church
Rev. H.M. Evans will preach next Sunday morning at 11 o'clock. At the evening service at 7:30 the pastor will preach on the subject, "Mrs. Catherine Booth, Mother of the Salvation Army". You are invited.

L.D.S. Church
Preaching at 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. Sunday schoold at 9:30 a.m. All are cordially invited to attend. F.T.Mussell, Pastor in charge.

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